I'm a college dropout who is dependent on good books to further my education and give me a competitive edge. Below is an archive of book reviews I've published directly to this website. To see more book reviews and review my "bookshelves" where I list my favorite books by category click here.

The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards

By Jacob Paulsen | January 30, 2014

Carl teaches that we all are motivated by fear and greed. Most of us are motivated by both but generally lean toward one or the other. This is why so many financial planners have their clients take some sort of test to judge their tolerance of risk.

Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel

By Jacob Paulsen | January 10, 2014

One of the biggest lessons for me were Mitch's thoughts about Utility Marketing. Digital media has forced companies to figure out how they can stop broadcasting messages and advertising and start creating more value to their customers. By becoming useful we create a relationship with the consumer.

Hunger Games Trilogy Book Review

By Jacob Paulsen | January 2, 2014

For me, this is above all else a story about the nature of humanity, the human need for power, and the individual struggle of discovery one's identity, deeper purpose and place in the games of life. The story is different from many of the traditionally popular literary epics that tell a story of Good VS Evil

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

By Jacob Paulsen | November 6, 2013

The premise of The ONE Thing is that at any given point in time, there is only one thing that you should focus on doing. Your one thing is the thing that moves you the closest or the fastest toward your goal.

Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level by Joel Garfinkle

By Jacob Paulsen | October 2, 2013

The book makes a baseline assumption that high performance is in place and that other factors are preventing one from advancing. The book focuses on three factors; perception, visibility, and influence.

Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data by Phil Simon

By Jacob Paulsen | September 10, 2013

In short I think this book is a great read for anyone who is trying to understand what Big Data is and what the positive and potential negative implications are for businesses. It has the right amount of technical information presented in a concise and easy to understand layout.

Fred Factor and Fred 2.0 by Mark Sanborn

By Jacob Paulsen | August 7, 2013

Mark's first book, “The Fred Factor” talked about the 4 Fredlike principles and sold over 2 million copies. This second book, “Fred 2.0” is like the graduate course and expands on what it means to truly be a Fred.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

By Jacob Paulsen | July 19, 2013

Sinek's book operates under the premise that everything that a person or organization does should emulate the why. Specifically, why they do it. The book is full of examples of great companies that started with a clear vision of why they were in business and eventually lost their why. Everything suggests…

Craving by Dr. Omar Manejwala

By Jacob Paulsen | June 25, 2013

I like the balance in the book between science and self-help. The author makes it clear that cravings are a part of life regardless if you suffer from some of the more common addictions like smoking or drinking or maybe chocolate or internet use.

Wealth Warrior by Steve Chandler

By Jacob Paulsen | April 2, 2013

The chapters are short and sweet and they flow together as one long story. The content was very motivational and I found that reading this book in the morning before leaving for the day was the best way to leverage the content to make me better…

Your Best Just Got Better By Jason Womack

By Jacob Paulsen | March 11, 2013

I recently completed reading “Your Best Just Got Better” by Jason Womack. This book is full of golden nuggets of productivity and personal growth. When the author says, Work Smarter, Think Bigger, and Make More; it means that with all seriousness. The book flows together to help readers move through a progressive education designed to…

Likeable Business by Dave Kerpen

By Jacob Paulsen | March 4, 2013

Likeable Business is it's own book. It specifically addresses how any person or organization can become more… well likeable. Since likeability is a critical value in our growing transparent society, I think this material could really apply to anyone in any industry or personal pursuit.