Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data by Phil Simon

Too-Big-to-Ignore1I read this book as the September monthly selection in the 12 Books Group.

In short I think this book is a great read for anyone who is trying to understand what Big Data is and what the positive and potential negative implications are for businesses. It has the right amount of technical information presented in a concise and easy to understand layout.

One of the biggest takeaways I had from the book was the chapter that discussed the various tools, programs, and companies that currently exist to frame and support the technical side of Big Data. Learning more about this tools and understanding how companies are implementing them really put the whole thing into perspective for me.

I also really took a lot from the chapter about the potential negative impacts of Big Data. This serves as a good reminder that with great data comes certain responsibility to be ethical with the data and to protect it from those who may have bad intentions.

If you are trying to wrap your head around Big Data with an intention of knowing how you can get started, if/who you can use Big Data in your organization; then I would recommend starting with this book by Phil Simon.

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