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USA Carry Podcast: 5 Reasons Your Holster Might Suck

May 14, 2024

I was interviewed recently for the USA Carry Podcast. We spoke primarily about holsters and the major changes the holster industry has seen. In this show you will learn a lot about holster design and the key factors you should be considering when buying a holster.

Defenders Live: Keys to Success in Business & Life

August 24, 2023

I was interviewed for the Defenders Live show. Lora Thorson hosts the show and does a great job of asking probing questions and surprise we discussed effectively NOTHING about guns or shooting them. You should subscribe to their show on YouTube or Facebook! In this interview we do discuss: How to be good at selling…

Gun Radio Utah: Permitless Carry & The Guardian Conference

May 1, 2023

An interview given for Gun Radio Utah, hosted by my friend Clark Aposhian. We discuss permitless carry and some important considerations for those who choose to carry concealed under that authority.

Warrior Wednesday – Iowa Firearms Coalition Interview

April 20, 2023

I recently gave an interview to John McLaughlin of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. It was published in two parts to the IFC YouTube channel and Facebook page.

CloverTac Podcast: The Many Sides of Concealed Carry Dot Com

October 13, 2022

Riley and I were invited to be guests on the CloverTac Podcast with our friend Chris. We talk about the origins of my business and the various pivot points and the now many sides of what we do here.

New York Times: Angry Drivers, Lots of Guns: An Explosion in Road Rage Shootings

April 13, 2022

I was recently interviewed by a NYT reporter doing a story on the recent increase in shootings related to road rage. A New York Times subscription may be required to read the story.


March 9, 2022

CCW Safe Use of Force Expert Rob High and Firing Line Radio host Phillip Naman are joined by CCW Safe COO Stan Campbell and Jacob Paulsen of to discuss the upcoming 2022 Guardian Nation Conference.

Off Duty On Duty Podcast: Don't Get Shot By the Police Revisited

July 1, 2021

An interview I gave for a podcast talking about training and strategies to prevent an armed, non-LEO responder from being shot by responding police officers.

Firearm Trainers Association: How To Change Your Marketing Strategy In A Constitutional Carry State

May 21, 2021

Guest post I wrote for the FTA about overcoming the challenges of marketing firearm training classes in a state where no class is required to carry concealed. Firearm Trainers as a whole aren't known for being great marketers so this is ultimately an introduction to marketing funnels.

USA Safe & Vault – Choosing A Gun Safe?

April 12, 2021

Interviewed along with 25 other industry experts about what to look for when buying a gun safe.

Firearm Trainers Association – Another Look at Cancellation Policies

March 30, 2021

Guest post I wrote for the FTA about how cancellation policies affect up front conversion rates in eCommerce

Firearm Trainer's Podcast – Affiliate Marketing Programs

March 16, 2021

Part 2 in this series. I discuss different affiliate programs that would likely be of interest to a firearm instructor in America.

Firearm Trainer's Podcast – Affiliate Marketing Part 1

February 15, 2021

Part 1 in this series. I talk about how to approach affiliate marketing for success.

ABC Denver – Study shows wielding a gun could lead people to misperceive others as holding a gun

January 25, 2021

ABC asks me to weigh in on a study that suggests that carrying a gun increases the odds of you mistakingly thinking others are wielding a gun.

Firearm Trainer's Podcast – Visual Stimulus in Training

January 4, 2021

A great conversation in which I'm asks to discuss the idea of reacting to a visual stimulus instead of an audible one as we are accustomed to doing.

Enalito Thriving eCommerce Summit Nov 2020

November 17, 2020

Enalito is a company that provides various software tools to empower and support eCommerce businesses. On a regular basis they conduct a summit in which they host these style of discussions to help educate and support their existing and their potential customers. Currently, I do not use any Enalito's products and at no point during…

CCX2 – Are You A Stupid Gun Owner?

October 29, 2020

I'm a guest on this podcast in which we discuss common mistakes made by concealed carriers.

Off Duty On Duty Podcast – Weapon Lights Yes, No Why not?

September 9, 2020

A fun conversation about the actual application of a weapon-mounted light vs a handheld light.

Reader's Digest – 22 Signs Your House Is Vulnerable to Being Robbed

July 16, 2020

Some great tips about minimizing risk of a home invasion.

Interview: “Doing Things He Loves – Guns and Internet Marketing”

May 22, 2020

On May 21st 2020, my interview with Bart Merrell on his podcast was published. Bart and I crossed paths in a business venture back in 2007 and I was very excited to hear from him and honored to be invited as a guest on his podcast. Here is the interview: Some important topics we covered:…

CCW Safe Podcast – Emergency Trauma Response

January 31, 2020

HuffPost – Facebook Making Millions Off A Nationwide Gun Permit Scam

November 18, 2019

Firearm Trainer's Podcast – Recruiting Students in Constitutional Carry States

September 10, 2019

Modern Combat Magazine – Hidden CCW Traps Gun Owners Don't Know

August 22, 2019

Meet the Pressers – Episode XI

August 16, 2019

Warrior Life Podcast – Defense At The Door

April 9, 2019

ABC Denver – Arvada HOA approves backyard bees, then backs off its decision

November 9, 2018

Viking Tactics Podcast – Interview

May 13, 2018

UK Independent – Interest in CCW Permit Jumps

April 5, 2018

Fatherly – Teaching Kids About Guns

March 16, 2018

9News NBC – CO Sees surge in concealed carry permit applications

June 24, 2016

HuffPost – How to Write A Good Book Review

May 19, 2016

ABC Denver – Bee Swarming season keeps beekeepers buzzing

April 25, 2016

ABC Denver – Bounty Hunter Fires Warning Shots

January 11, 2016

USA Today Interview About Supposed Interstate Shootings

May 12, 2015

Interview for about reported shootings along Interstate 25

ABC Denver – Interview About Dog Shooting

September 23, 2014

Deseret News – Do guns belong in the hands of teachers?

September 11, 2014

Univision – Girl Shoots Her Firearm Instructor

August 27, 2014

Books Make A Difference – 12 Books Group

November 9, 2012

Denver Biz Journal – 12 Books Coverage

February 10, 2012

Quoted about Alan Fine's Involvement in 12 Books

January 24, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Carrying Guns in Public

January 20, 2011

TV News Check: Entravision Appointment Press

December 24, 2010

Entravision Communications Corp. announced the addition of Jacob Paulsen as interactive sales manager for its Colorado markets. In his new role, Paulsen will be responsible for leading Entravision’s digital and interactive sales efforts in its Denver, Aspen, Colorado Springs and Pueblo markets.

CCX2 – Interview on CCX2 Video Podcast

May 14, 2000