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Hello fellow WordPress user! On this page you will find some resources to help you get the most out of your WordPress and/or WooCommerce website. Here at the top you can click through to my evergreen page of my favorite WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Below is an archive of past blog posts I've written about various WordPress and WooCommerce topics.


My Top WordPress Plugins of 2021

By Jacob Paulsen | August 11, 2021

Looking back at the last year these are the WordPress and WooCommerce plugins that I've discovered and installed that I feel are worth sharing. SEO, Video Gallery, Gamification, Zapier, and much more! Also linked is my evergreen page of the top plugins I'm using right now regardless of when I found them.

Web Hosting and Website Builders for The Firearm Industry

By Jacob Paulsen | July 22, 2021

I built my first website in 2006 using Microsoft Frontpage which was at that time on its way out. In 2007 I first learned about the concept of a CMS and built a website using WordPress version 1. Since then I've built and maintained over 100 websites both of my own and of clients. Today…

WordPress Plugins For Importing RSS Feeds to Posts

By Jacob Paulsen | January 21, 2021

Copying one blog to make another is generally not a good strategy but there are a lot of things in life that come in the form of RSS and thus you may find this a useful tool. Here I will review a few of the options you may consider.


How to Approach WordPress Updates

By Jacob Paulsen | June 16, 2016

With that said there is huge danger because updating WordPress plugins occasionally can cause havoc if a combination of plugins has a compatibility issue they didn't have previously.

Three WordPress SEO Tricks You Are Likely Neglecting

By Jacob Paulsen | October 7, 2015

You have a WordPress based website and you pride yourself on knowing the SEO basics but are you forgetting to do a few simple things that could make a big difference? Table of Contents Three Simple WordPress SEO Suggestions:1: Category descriptions2: Page-specific Meta Tags3: Bold, Underline, Italics Three Simple WordPress SEO Suggestions: 1: Category descriptions…

WooCommerce Plugin – Product Specific Thank You Page

By Jacob Paulsen | August 29, 2015

This plugin for WordPress and extension for WooCommerce allows the admin to designate a custom thank you page. When a custom thank you page has been set for a product, upon checkout the customer will see the order completed page for only a few seconds and then will be forwarded to the designated page.

New WordPress Plugin – Extract Email Addresses from Text

By Jacob Paulsen | July 31, 2015

Just a quick note to our readers to announce the availability of a new custom WordPress plugin we recently developed. While fairly niche, we have found so far that there are some email marketers out there who have expressed interest.

Setting Up a Landing Pages and Sales Letters With WooCommerce

By Jacob Paulsen | January 28, 2015

I use WordPress for most of my sites, and I prefer WooCommerce for my shopping cart software. Trying to find a way to integrate WooCommerce into a Sales Page has proven to be challenging to say the least.

SEO Rank Reporter WordPress Plugin Review

By Jacob Paulsen | June 6, 2014

SEO Rank Reporter allows the user to input as many phrases and keyword queries as desired to track how any given URL ranks on Google for that query. The plugin refreshes data every…

Wordpress blog tutorial

Rules For Successful Blog Posting on WordPress

By Jacob Paulsen | September 27, 2013

Learn the most critical rules to posting blogs in WordPress that will drive traffic and encourage search engines to love your site.

Global Content Blocks: Embedding HTML, Iframes, PHP, or Scripts into WordPress

By Jacob Paulsen | August 2, 2013

discussing issues with embedding advanced code into WordPress pages and posts. Have you ever copied a string of code from another site or tool and tried to paste it into the “text” editor of your WordPress page or post only to find that it refused to render correctly on the front end?

How Can I Tell If Comments On My Site Are SPAM?

By Jacob Paulsen | October 8, 2012

If you have a WordPress website you probably are bombarded with comments that you think are JUNK and other comments that you can't help but wonder if they are legitimate or not. The following is designed to act as a guide and tutorial to help you better identify SPAM comments and prevent them from occurring in the first place.