My Top WordPress Plugins of 2022

WordPress is an ever-changing platform with new developers entering the community all the time. I was just reviewing some older posts here on my site where I recommend WordPress plugins and I realized that many of those are plugins I don't use anymore because something new has come along that is better, or they are no longer relevant, or no longer being developed.

So this post is part of an annual series in which I highlight new plugins I've started using in the last year that are worth considering if you use WordPress. In addition, I've created a new Evergreen page where I will maintain an updated list of plugins I LOVE and strongly recommend.

The 2022 Top WordPress Plugins:

Ninja Tables

As the name suggests this plugin builds tables. Awesome, easy to edit, responsive, SEO-friendly tables. Significantly better than an image of a table that won't always display well depending on the size of the screen. The admin interface is really easy. I've been very impressed.

I think the Pro version is worth the investment.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

A bunch of new modules for Beaver Builder that are really helpful. Countdown, reviews, photo gallery, advanced menu, flip box, and more. I continue to use Beaver Builder and this is a really small investment to expand on those capabilities.

Code Snippets

The simplest way to add code to your site without editing your theme files. No more editing the functions.php file or similar. I still use child themes but this makes code edits much easier.

WP RSS Aggregator

If you need to pull in posts from other blogs or RSS feeds and display them together in one place this plugin does it perfectly. I use this in a couple of instances but I recommend if you do use it, you link the imported posts back to their origin so as to not have a negative SEO impact with duplicated content.

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

I run a membership site and this plugin makes it easy to build out a custom member's area without bypassing the built-in WooCommerce features. Extremely flexible and easy to use.

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