This page is frequently updated to reflect the WordPress plugins I absolutely love and strongly recommend.

In no specific order:


The absolute standard for identifying and reducing SPAM comments. Start with the free version.

beaver builder

My favorite "drag and drop" page builder. Just easier to make landing page or content pages like this one. A close competitor is Elementor.

classic editor

I'm a WordPress purist and I can't bring myself to use the new "block" system. This plugin reverts the editor back to a standard TinyMCE style HTML editor.


The plugin only works with a paid Adbutler account. In my opinion the most economic professional ad server option with quality WordPress integration.

admin columns

Allows you to customize what columns you see on the admin backend for posts, pages, etc. Very helpful to reduce clutter and increase load times

wp offload media

Allows you to host your images and media on Amazon S3 (or others) to speed up page load times.

all in one video gallery plugin

Auto import new videos from YouTube channels or manually add them to create a video gallery on your site. Supports VAST ads and I LOVE it.

blubrry wordpress podcast plugin

The best way to run/host a podcast with WordPress. Pay for the Blubrry hosting and host your audio files with them as well.

wordpress table of contents

Easily insert a table of contents into posts. Increases SEO value and helps the reader experience. Free and awesome!

wordpress zapier plugin

The most versatile Zapier plugin I've found so far and trust me I've tried many. Fire zaps based on various WordPress activities


Open source set of plugins designed to help you add gamification to WordPress. Awards, badges, achievements, and ranks based on purchases or other activities.

WordPress business directory

A set of plugins used to build a LOCAL business directory in WordPress. I've been through a few but have been using this one for several years now. The best out there at this point.


I've found the built-in WordPress search feature to be lacking. This plugin gives me much more control over that experience.

Duplicate Post

The best plugin to enable the option to quickly clone pages or posts or other post types in WordPress. Recently acquired by Yoast.

page-links-to plugin

Sometimes you need to redirect a WordPress page or post to a different page or post. This plugin is simple and lightweight but gets it done.

Photo Gallery

Most effective and easy-to-use plugin I've found for creating photo galleries.

pretty links

Been loving this plugin for about a decade. Create "pretty" links that redirect to any other link you want. Great for affiliate stuff or just making shortcuts.

content views plugin

A free version is available from but I prefer the Pro version of this plugin which makes displaying any sort of post type in any way I want really easy.

login as user wordpress

This plugin makes troubleshooting so much easier. Just go to the user's page on the backend and log in as any of your users to see what they see.


Stop paying a fortune for 3rd party systems to manage your giveaways and raffles. This plugin brings it all into WordPress and is very affordable.


I used All In One SEO forever but have been transitioning my sites to RankMath. I think it is currently the best tool for SEO optimization.

Sensei LMS WordPress

A full power Learning Management System for WordPress. Host and sell courses with ease.

forminator form builder

I've been using Contact Form 7 forever but recently I've been migrating over to Forminator Pro. A much more versatile form builder.

ninja tables pro

As the name suggests this plugin builds tables. Awesome, easy to edit, responsive, SEO friendly tables. Very impressed.

Ultimate Beaver Builder Addons

Expand Builver Builder with a bunch of new and very useful modules. Integration is very good and there are a ton of options.

code snippets

The simplest way to add code to your site without editing your theme files. I still use child themes but this makes code edits much easier.

RSS Aggregator

If you need to pull in posts from other blogs or RSS feeds and display them together in one place this plugin does it perfectly.

beaver builder

Beaver Builder power for your header and footer. Finally complete control over the layout and look and feel of the header, footer, and menu.

mep 230x230

Connects the site to the robust email marketing platform of my choice and does it with style. Native integration for WooCommerce and also pushes a subscription tool to the front-end that is impressive.

WooCommerce Plugins:


Over 30% of online stores worldwide are using WooCommerce. Free. Versatile. Widely developed. Awesome.

image placeholder

Tag and organize products by brand. Create a shop by brand page and highlight the vendors you work with and whose products you resell.

woocomm conditional payments

Block certain payment methods or shipping options for specific products or product categories.

WooComm Conversion Tracking

Track conversion rates from popular online ad platforms like Facebook. Get the Pro version.

woocommerce funnels

A collection of plugins to help you optimize checkout, add order bumps, and build sales funnels post-checkout with OTOs. CRITICAL.

foo events

So far my favorite public plugin option to sell events with WooCommerce. A free mobile app exists to help check-in students as well.

Printful Woocomm

Printful is a 3rd party service that dropships custom apparel. Set up your custom shirts etc and then sell them via WooCommerce.

image placeholder

Best tool to track your cost of goods. Decent reporting. Compatible with Metorik.

tax jar

I use TaxJar for automatic sales tax calculation, reporting, and autofiling. I tried Taxify for a time but it sucked. Happy with TaxJar.


Extremely high-quality plugin for managing memberships on WordPress. Control access, provide discounts, and much more.

image placeholder

The easiest way to sell a subscription or membership. Recurring revenue done easy with WooCommerce. Compatible with WooCommerce Memberships and Metorik.

NextMove TY Page Woocomm

The best way to setup custom thank you pages for WooCommerce. Integrates well with Funnelkit.

Customize WooCommerce My Account page

I run a membership site and this plugin makes it easy to build out a custom member's area without bypassing the built in WooCommerce features.

WooCommerce smart coupons

Coupons are much easier to leverage with this plugin. It also makes it easy to give and sell store credit and to mass generate coupons with WooCommerce.