WooCommerce Plugin – Product Specific Thank You Page

Note: This content is outdated and references a plugin that is no longer available.

We have just made available for sale another custom WordPress / WooCommerce plugin via our online store.

This plugin for WordPress and extension for WooCommerce allows the admin to designate a custom thank you page. When a custom thank you page has been set for a product, upon checkout the customer will see the order completed page for only a few seconds and then will be forwarded to the designated page. The custom thank you page is set in the product page settings as shown here:

custom thank you page redirect for woocommerce

You can easily set the custom page by inserting any custom URL or be selecting an existing WordPress page from the dropdown menu.

Marketers are using this tool to drive a customer to an upsell product as soon as they have finished buying a “trip-wire” product.

–>Visit the product page here

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