I'm a college dropout who is dependent on good books to further my education and give me a competitive edge. Below is an archive of book reviews I've published directly to this website. To see more book reviews and review my "bookshelves" where I list my favorite books by category click here.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

By Jacob Paulsen | October 25, 2012

The book is effective at taking on a journey of understanding habits. The first part of the book breaks down habits. What are they? How do they form? How can they change? This first part has a focus on the individual and forces you to start looking for and identifying the various habit loops in your life. As I was

Book Review: The Plugged-In Manager

By Jacob Paulsen | September 5, 2012

The case studies and examples in the book are both relevant and educational. Sometimes it seems that stories in these types of books are hard to apply to smaller teams or companies but Griffith did a good

Book Review: Smart Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey and Greg Link

By Jacob Paulsen | August 14, 2012

The biggest take away from this book is a continuation of the first. Simply put, trust changes everything. It plays the biggest part in the bottom line and success of any relationship or organization. Creating a vocabulary around the principle allows us to discuss it among ourselves in terms that

Robert Shemin's How Come That Idiots Rich and I'm Not?

By Jacob Paulsen | July 17, 2012

Robert talks about the 3 pillars of wealth. After spending the first half of the book re-educating the reader on his/her perception of “rich,” Shemin discusses the best practices in acquiring and building the three pillars. They are, Real Estate, Stocks, and Business.

Book Review: The Zigzag Principle by Rich Christiansen

By Jacob Paulsen | May 23, 2012

I admit that when I first read the title I was a little confused. I love anything to do with entrepreneurship despite my rather poor track record thus far. The reason I was so excited to read this book is because the author has just an established track record in starting successful companies. Rich has lauched over 30 companies with less than