Wealth Warrior by Steve Chandler

WealthWarrior-150x225Wealth Warrior is the most unique book I've read in a long time. I saw a friend who described it in their review as a written speech and not really a traditional book. That isn't far off. The chapters are short and sweet and they flow together as one long story. The content was very motivational and I found that reading this book in the morning before leaving for the day was the best way to leverage the content to make me better. While the ideas are not new to anyone who has read other “how to really get wealthy” books, I do think there were some fresh ways of describing those principles.

If you read this book you will create a bond with Steve Chandler. His voice shines through load and clear. His sincere purpose is to help the reader grow. Among my favorite of his principles was the strong focus on service. Since every dollar we make comes from someone else, the only way to make more is to serve more people more. Focusing on serving others will lead to wealth.

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