Craving by Dr. Omar Manejwala

Craving OmarI recently finished reading a new book called “Craving, Why We Can't Seem to Get Enough” by Omar Manejwala. I was really curious about this book and the science behind cravings and addictions.

I like the balance in the book between science and self-help. The author makes it clear that cravings are a part of life regardless if you suffer from some of the more common addictions like smoking or drinking or maybe chocolate or internet use.

This book explains the neurological science behind addictions and cravings before talking about the common barriers that prevent control and recovery. As the author gives tips and techniques for recovery I appreciate that he makes it clear that you need to quit or work toward recovery as many times as it takes.

The book ends with some tips specific to the more popular addictions. If you are at all curious about the neurological science of cravings I think this is a great book.

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