Ebook Giveaway

By Jacob Paulsen | April 15, 2009

Since releasing my new ebook, “Fast Start, MLM Lessons Without Any Name Calling” people have been going CRAZY to get their hands on it. I’m now making it available for free. Why would I do this? Two simple reasons. I’m looking to expand my influence online and would like to do this by exposing more…

WordPress – How To Post Correctly

By Jacob Paulsen | April 8, 2009

In the series of video tutorials I have been preparing I've received a lot of requests to do some more specific WordPress tutorial videos. WordPress has become the most popular website/blog tool online today and while most people are super tech savy the wordpress platform allows for anyone to create a great website with powerful content.

WordPress Tutorial – How to set up your own Site/Blog

By Jacob Paulsen | March 21, 2009

Tutorial videos on how to purchase a domain, set up a hosting account, install wordpress, and setup your own site/blog. WordPress has proven itself to be the most powerful online tool in creating a fast, user-friendly, website or blog that gets quick results with the search engines.

GoodReads Tutorial – How to Setup & Use Goodreads.com

By Jacob Paulsen | March 18, 2009

In an effort to continue my series of tutorial videos about Social Media Marketing I've just completed this new 10 minute video about setting up your account on Goodreads.com Goodreads will be the next BIG thing in Social Media. I guarantee it!

Email Marketing – Icontact, Aweber, ConstantContact, Etc.

By Jacob Paulsen | March 17, 2009

Since email marketing is an important part of what all online marketers do I thought it prudent to do an overview of the different services out there. In the upcoming week or so I will also prepare an article about how to best utilize this technology on your website.

The Next Big Wave in the Social Media Network

By Jacob Paulsen | March 5, 2009

Of all the thousands of different social networking sites out there we can basically categorize them into several main categories such as Social News, Social Bookmarking, Picture sharing, Video sharing, Blogs, mini-blogs, Social Networks, etc. So far history has shown that the three most effective sites where Social Media experts are spending most of their…

Social Media Summed Up

By Jacob Paulsen | February 3, 2009

Internet Marketing is changing. With the buzz right now about social media and how it is changing our focus I wanted to give all of my readers an umbrella concept that will hopefully clarify what all of this means and how each of us should be acting to take advantage of these changes. PRINCIPLE 1:…

The Social Media Revolution

By Jacob Paulsen | January 30, 2009

Social Media is changing the world. No longer do people turn to traditional forms of media such as tv, newspapers, radio, etc for their news & information. The internet has made the world transparent and social media networks such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc are changing the way people get their information. Business owners and…

2009 Paradigm Shifts

By Jacob Paulsen | January 8, 2009

Quickly, I want to talk about some of the upcoming MegaTrends of 2009. If there is a way for you to get involved in a business that will benefit from these trends, do it! Social Media VS (books, newspapers, news, tv) By the end of 2009, we will find people walking away from Books, Newspapers,…