The Business Argument In Favor of Creating Twitter Lists

By Jacob Paulsen | September 24, 2013

You may choose to create a private list if you want to be able to quickly look at tweets from a select group or segment of twitter users without giving anyone else access to seeing the list. Perhaps you want to quickly look at tweets from America's Got Talent Judges but you don't want anyone else to know you are obsessed with the show?

The 3 Ways Websites and Blogs Make Money

By Jacob Paulsen | December 23, 2011

If you recently started a blog or have a website you may be looking for creative ways to generate revenue. As I considered all the various ways to generate revenue online I was able to boil it down to just three generic methods. As you review the concepts and some of the specific examples, consider how

Google Plus Making a Big Splash… Will you Plus One this Blog Post?

By Jacob Paulsen | July 11, 2011

Google Plus has arrived in a big way. You might have noticed the little +1 buttons in your Google search results for the last few weeks but nobody really had much of an idea what it was about until now. In a nutshell Google Plus is another attempt by Google at launching a usable social…

Launching Your Online Marketing Plan: Basics Summary

By Jacob Paulsen | June 8, 2011

Are you trying to get started with a website, blog, or lead generation page? Are you trying to sort through all of the different software programs available for email marketing, blogging, managing social media, and webcasting? Here is my simple walk through: Start With Hosting If you are going to manage an online presence you…

Are You Still Ignoring Google Places? Components & Overview

By Jacob Paulsen | April 4, 2011

Late October of 2010 Google changed the search engine marketing (SEM) game again. The format in which local business results are displayed within search results changed dramatically. In the past I used to think of paid search, local search, and organic search (seo) as distinctly different strategies of search engine marketing. The changes from last…

Various Internet Marketing Mediums for Small Businesses

By Jacob Paulsen | October 18, 2010

Over the course of 2010 I have met with thousands of small business advertisers to discuss their internet advertising campaigns. Consistently I have found that most small business owners do not have the resources to hire a dedicated in house expert to run their internet advertising. This results in one of 3 scenarios: The business…

Video Marketing: SEO and Content Syndication

By Jacob Paulsen | October 7, 2010

As part of any online campaign you should be considering how to utilize video marekting as part of your strategy. Video Marketing syndication is getting a lot of buzz and attention right now because of 2 simple reasons. Firstly Video Marketing is a free HUGE back linking system that doesn’t cost anything. Everytime you publish a video to all…

WordPress Malware & Virus Attacks. Blog Security

By Jacob Paulsen | January 25, 2010

that I was not the only one to be attacked and that there will yet be many more people in the future I would like to outline some suggestions of both how you can prevent these types of attacks in the future and how to clean out the malware on your site if you have already been infected.

Networking Revolution:: Stop Chasing the Chasers

By Jacob Paulsen | November 23, 2009

The automatic assumption is that people building a network marketing business should seek out people on Facebook and Twitter who are talking about, or already participating in Network Marketing. This is usually done by searching for keywords such as MLM, home based business, opportunity, etc. THIS IS A POOR STRATEGY!

Internet Marketing Methods Are Only Good For As Long As They Are…

By Jacob Paulsen | November 19, 2009

This approach was effective because it was the last thing that any customer actually expected too come from my mouth. Now as my experience in Internet Marketing is evolving I am starting to recognize the dying techniques that people are using. Don't get me wrong, there are techniques in use right now that are still bringing in new people but they are dying out. Its time for the online sales process to evolve and I am looking for

Filtering Through Facebook:: Social Media Video Tutorial

By Jacob Paulsen | November 11, 2009

If you are anything like most of those users you might spend a good number of those 19 average minutes looking through the vampire quizzes, virtual zoos, and other complete nonsense that you don't care about. You might also get sick of all the emails you receive every time you get poked or somebody you don't know comments on your friend's status that you “liked.”

This tutorial video will show you how to navigate Facebook, filtering out the junk you don't care…