You Have Emails But You Don't Have An Email Marketing Strategy

By Jacob Paulsen | May 6, 2019

This is for any business owner or marketer who is currently NOT sending regular emails to an email list of subscribers, customers, and potential customers. This conversation usually happens when I'm talking to a business owner who has been around for a few years but doesn't currently send much or any email. Table of Contents…

Getting a High ROI From Your Booth

By Jacob Paulsen | April 24, 2019

I've been through a handful of business ventures and through them all I've been to A LOT of trade shows where I've seen A LOT of booths. I've had some opportunities to manage or execute a booth or two of my own and today's blog post is my attempt to point out the obvious lessons…

How and Why To Buy Domains That Are Not Available

By Jacob Paulsen | March 12, 2019

In 2016 I was attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit event where I heard a presentation from Perry Belcher about some of his best tips to acquiring good domain names. Since then I've been on a personal journey to acquire quality domain names. I've found some tricks that work for me and some that I…

I Don't Have the Problem That You Are Trying To Solve

By Jacob Paulsen | October 11, 2017

Products solve problems. If you are a business owner, salesman, or entrepreneur of any kind ask yourself what problem does your product solve? On the flip side, if you are the consumer or buyer then there are some great advantages to using the “what problem” paradigm of shopping.

From 0 to 120,000 Email Subscribers – Interview with SendPulse Podcast

By Jacob Paulsen | September 11, 2017

Recently I was privileged to be interviewed by the SendPulse Vice President of Sales Roy Weissman. SendPulse is a forward thinking email provider that runs the podcast in order to share ideas and successes in the email marketing industry.

Has Amazon Ruined eCommerce For Everyone Else?

By Jacob Paulsen | July 24, 2017

I operate an eCommerce website. We sell stuff… and while as a consumer I LOVE Amazon I can't help but wonder if, as a business owner, I should hate Amazon. If you are a vendor or operate an eCommerce site here are the key things you need to consider where setting up your Amazon Seller strategy.

Business Owner? Wondering What to Do About SEO?

By Jacob Paulsen | May 1, 2017

The objective of this article is to explain the complexity of SEO for the small business owner, while still giving you some clear and simple things you can do to start. This isn't the end-all but it should at least make you feel empowered to start somewhere.

Good Business Books for Startups?

By Jacob Paulsen | December 28, 2016

Naturally there are going to be some books that I would recommend for companies in certain industries and not others… but since your question is more generic… here is a generic list of books you should consider

SEO or Paid Traffic? A Conversation About Priorites

By Jacob Paulsen | October 11, 2016

New businesses are often caught up in the allure of SEO. SEO shouldn't be neglected but it may not be the place to focus your priorities. This overview is meant to help you understand the short term and long term game of online marketing.

How We Approach Our Social Content Strategy

By Jacob Paulsen | October 7, 2016

This article is meant to review our own company appraoch to dealing with social media and leveraging it as a platform. Not to suggest we have it all figured out but I think this may be helpful to a really small business who is feeling overwhelmed by the consumer expectation. Table of Contents ObjectivePrimary ChallengeApproach1:…

The Online Content Creation Formula For Success

By Jacob Paulsen | May 19, 2016

Today I had a quick conversation with a member of our team that is going to start contributing content to our website. I was explaining our general internal process for producing awesome content on our sites and it occurred to me I've never published an article on my own site about how to write awesome articles.

What You Need to Know About Affiliate Disclosures and Product Endorsements

By Jacob Paulsen | February 10, 2016

The FTC regulates the laws and rules surrounding how one has to disclose your relationship with a business, product, or organization. he internet has changed the game because today anyone can create a blog for free and write about products and organizations.