SEO or Paid Traffic? A Conversation About Priorites

By Jacob Paulsen | October 11, 2016

New businesses are often caught up in the allure of SEO. SEO shouldn't be neglected but it may not be the place to focus your priorities. This overview is meant to help you understand the short term and long term game of online marketing.

Becoming a Wikipedia Editor and Contributor

By Jacob Paulsen | August 5, 2015

Anyone can contribute to the content on Wikipedia. Marketers have a particular interest in the site since a relevant backlink to one's site from Wikipedia can be very valuable. Naturally then it would make sense for any web marketer to become familiar with Wikipedia and where possible try to leverage it (within the Wikipdia guidelines) as a tool to drive awareness and traffic.

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Business to Business Online Marketing Tactics

By Jacob Paulsen | July 16, 2015

Recently I presented a training at a local Chamber of Commerce for business leaders about how to correctly engage in business to business marketing online. Here are the ten core tips or tactics that I shared.

Should You Buy Email Lists For Marketing?

By Jacob Paulsen | October 22, 2014

Email marketing leads to big ROIs because its relatively cheap to execute and is very easy to measure. Sadly, it is also difficult to get started as most of us start with few if any contacts in our email marketing subscriber lists. The temptation to buy an email list is very high. This is especially true in the B2B space where many marketers feel like it would be impossible to construct a list on their own.

Do Digital Marketers Need to Know All Of This?

By Jacob Paulsen | October 15, 2014

Marketing and Advertising present a very complex environment. Marketing experts have to surround themselves with people who have expertise in each part of the marketing cycle and the various mediums where marketing and advertising are placed.

The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to RSS

By Jacob Paulsen | September 2, 2014

Essentially RSS is the technology or format in which EVERY news site and EVERY blog publishes their content. You've see the cool orange icon that looks like a wifi symbol on it's side all over the internet and now you know what it is for.

Marketing: What Job Is Your Product Being Hired To Do

By Jacob Paulsen | August 26, 2014

When working on product development, and then when marketing a product, ask yourself, “What job will my customer hire my product to do?” In addition to looking at this from the marketing and business angle I also want to address how this applies to relationships and personal development.

ROI Is An Equation Not A Theory

By Jacob Paulsen | August 7, 2014

As marketing channels become diverse and difficult to track, the business world is screaming for transparency, reporting, and return on investment. All to often us digital marketing folk have to go into meetings with…

Personalization – Coca Cola Increases Sales by 30%

By Jacob Paulsen | August 1, 2014

Sound silly? I had a meeting last week with the local distributor of Coca Cola in my state and their marketing department told me sales are up 30%. WHAT???? Any brand would do darn near anything legal to get a 30% increase in sales

Value Is King – New Marketing Reality

By Jacob Paulsen | June 17, 2014

The big brands have known this for some time and they are working hard to become integrated into lifestyles of their consumers by putting resources behind non-sales related utility and value.

Utility Marketing Best in Show

By Jacob Paulsen | March 26, 2014

While none of these utility marketing initiatives directly put revenue in the company they all make the brand (and by extension the product or service) more valuable and more relevant. If you are one of those people who hates the term “Building a Relationship” when referring to the advertiser / consumer transaction then you haven't fully understood Utility Marketing.

Everyone is a Publisher – 3 Tips to Stand Out

By Jacob Paulsen | March 5, 2014

To stand out among the clutter one has to produce content that is FAR more valuable to one's audience than everyone else. That could be entertaining, educational, informative, or whatever your audience craves.