New WordPress Plugin – Extract Email Addresses from Text

Just a quick note to our readers to announce the availability of a new custom WordPress plugin we recently developed. While fairly niche, we have found so far that there are some email marketers out there who have expressed interest.

The new plugin called, “Extract Emails from Text” creates a tool, hosted on any WordPress page or post via shortcode, via which a user can paste any jumbled mess of text into a text box and push a button to have the plugin search for and extract every valid email address. Those email addresses are then provided one per line in a new text box so the user can copy and paste them out.

email extractor tool for wordpress

screenshot of how the tool displays

As you can see from the screenshot it also has an option to ignore any number or list of email addresses as well.

If you are interested you can find the plugin for sale in our online store.

–>Visit Product Page

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