Prince Caspian Movie Review

Ami and I were able to go to see Prince Caspian on Saturday night while her parents were in town. This is the first time we have been to the theater since Simon was born and it was quite nice. Ami had labeled “The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe” her favorite movie ever so […]

Baby Einstein

We are very grateful to Racheal & Chris Pivik who hooked us up with a bunch of Baby Einstein DVDs. Simon has a longer attention span for Baby Einstein than for any thing else we have tried. I think it should be classified along with fishing shows, camp fires, really fat people and other thing […]

Top 10 frivolous things I want to buy just for me ☺

1. A fully trained Police Dog. Either a German Shepard or Bloodhound.2. A car with GPS Navigation. Lexus and Infiniti are my favorites.3. A beat up piece of crap truck that I wouldn’t hesitate to take anywhere.4. 3 or 4 flat panel tvs. One for each spot in the house.5. A beastly fast IMac with […]

Personal Development Books to Read Every Year

There are certain books that I try to read/listen to every year. These would be my all stars of personal development and business. Though you may not choose to read these books every year I do highly recommend reading them at least once and creating your own list of “every year” books. To see all […]

Mac VS PC, Iphone VS Windows Mobile, Ipod VS ?

So 5 years ago I never would have believed that Apple could make such a come back. PCs had such a hold on the market place. Although Mac has been making huge innovations for sometime nobody cared or noticed until the Ipod was launched. Since the Ipod has or at least had no competition people […]

Yard Work

I herby vow to maintain our yard this summer. Ami and I are tired of having to mow through jungles. In the past we have let our grass get a little long before cutting it. The obvious benefit is not mowing as often. The problem is that when you do mow its three times the […]

Post Mothers Day Thoughts

Ami and I have almost been married for three years. Last night I was reflecting on what we have done and where we have been in those three years and it was very fun to think about. Here is a brief list: In the last three years we have: Lived in four different homes/apartments. Been […]

Coolest Internet Services

So when it comes to home based business owners like myself, we really tend to feed on the coolest of the internet services. Especially the free ones. Today I just wanted to highlight a few of those. (No surprise any of these are google services). IGoogle: Customized Home pages aren’t anything new but Google has […]

Trusted Resources

So maybe its just me but I was thinking about how much time it takes me to pay attention to the Presidential Election news. The more logical solution is to find someone whose opinion I can trust and just ask them who I should vote for. I would have to be careful for sure in […]