What Inspires Us to be Heroes?

I suppose that I’m only normal if I find some of my very greatest inspiration in movies, literature, and art. Well maybe I’m a little more nuts than most because I consciously think about these things and the themes and lessons that are being taught. I suspect sometimes that I’m even finding hidden meanings where the writers had no intention of meaning anything.

I’m naturally drawn to the hero/epic tales. I like being reminded that human nature can overcome evil and become much more. Heroes come in many forms and stories teach us what heroes are really made of. Perhaps the inspiring concept is that I too can be heroic.

I love the stories. I love pondering the saga of Anakin Skywalker and how one man’s decisions can change the galaxy… twice. I love the story of a humble Harry Potter who’s love and pure determination destroyed forever the darkest wizard of all time. Or the story of Dumbledore who dedicated his entire life to bringing down Valdemort through Harry. I love the painting that sits on the wall in my bedroom, Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano. It depicts a husband and wife dancing in a rainstorm.

I suppose that more important than where one gets their inspiration, is that they get inspired at all. Inspiration is necessary to help us keep the vision when times are hard. Discipline is giving up momentary pleasures for long term joy. When life gets difficult where do you go for a boost? How do you remind yourself of the greater ideals and values in life?

I for one think we can all be heroes and we all need our inspiration. Please share with us. Leave a comment below to share with the group where you find your inspiration.

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