portable solar panels

Taking the Personal Device Solar Challenge

There are a lot of politically polarizing issues in our country but solar power is something almost everyone can get behind. You may not be ready to make the leap into residential solar and new age cars but here is a challenge that will get you started for less than $200.

Father and his daughter

Are You The Hero Or The Victim Of Your Story?

We all relate well to superhero stories. Who doesn’t love a story of someone swooping in to save everyone from a great calamity and criminal? As it relates to our own life story, I have found there are generally three types of characters; Heroes, Victims, and Bad Guys. Which are you? Sadly We Are All […]

how to hire good employees

Top Hacks For Hiring Amazing Employees

I used to dread the process. Trying to get applicants and then trying to guess who is the right person based on resumes… No wonder research suggests that odds of finding a good employee are about 50/50 no matter the hiring process or amount of resources dedicated to finding the right applicant.


I’m Nothing Like Daredevil

Daredevil is an awesome Marvel superhero who was blinded as a child by some chemicals. In the process his sense of hearing was enhanced so significantly that it became a sort of radar that allowed him to essentially see even without traditional eyesight.  At age 15 I lost hearing in my right ear. A nasty […]