The Answer is Zapier – Solve All Online System Integrations

Companies do exist that claim to have the full suite! Do it all with them and you’ll never have to worry about getting all the different systems to play nice together. The issue with those providers is that they suck. So, we all end up using a bunch of different services for different things.

how to hire good employees

Top Hacks For Hiring Amazing Employees

I used to dread the process. Trying to get applicants and then trying to guess who is the right person based on resumes… No wonder research suggests that odds of finding a good employee are about 50/50 no matter the hiring process or amount of resources dedicated to finding the right applicant.


I’m Nothing Like Daredevil

Daredevil is an awesome Marvel superhero who was blinded as a child by some chemicals. In the process his sense of hearing was enhanced so significantly that it became a sort of radar that allowed him to essentially see even without traditional eyesight.  At age 15 I lost hearing in my right ear. A nasty […]

Look how happy the lady in this stock image is to buy something online!

Drama Credit Card Processing

I’ve been through my fair share of Credit Card Merchant providers. It’s a mess of an industry. If you are new to e-commerce you may be scratching your head in frustration. Here are some of the things to watch out for and the smartest thing I’ve ever done to get through the mess.

Amazon and the ecommerce revolution

Has Amazon Ruined eCommerce For Everyone Else?

I operate an eCommerce website. We sell stuff… and while as a consumer I LOVE Amazon I can’t help but wonder if, as a business owner, I should hate Amazon. If you are a vendor or operate an eCommerce site here are the key things you need to consider where setting up your Amazon Seller […]