Utility Marketing Best in Show

While none of these utility marketing initiatives directly put revenue in the company they all make the brand (and by extension the product or service) more valuable and more relevant. If you are one of those people who hates the term “Building a Relationship” when referring to the advertiser / consumer transaction then you haven’t fully understood Utility Marketing.


The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards

Carl teaches that we all are motivated by fear and greed. Most of us are motivated by both but generally lean toward one or the other. This is why so many financial planners have their clients take some sort of test to judge their tolerance of risk.


Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel

One of the biggest lessons for me were Mitch’s thoughts about Utility Marketing. Digital media has forced companies to figure out how they can stop broadcasting messages and advertising and start creating more value to their customers. By becoming useful we create a relationship with the consumer.


Audible Could Be Your Best Tool This Year

You can listen to your audio books on your phone, tablet, computer, or you can burn the book onto audio cds and listen to them in your car’s CD player. When you pause the book Audible syncs your position in the cloud so that when you pick back up on any of your devices you start right where you left off.


Hunger Games Trilogy Book Review

For me, this is above all else a story about the nature of humanity, the human need for power, and the individual struggle of discovery one’s identity, deeper purpose and place in the games of life. The story is different from many of the traditionally popular literary epics that tell a story of Good VS Evil


Strategies Tools and Systems – An Overview

One the biggest hangups that appears to hold people back from hitting goals and achieving success is the confusion that surrounds strategies, tools, and systems. People tend to only focus on one of these three when they plot out a new goal or idea. I think the best way to explain my thoughts is to give some examples. Here we go.


I Dare You to OWN UP

Own that belief. Bury deep in your system the belief that being publicly accountable will make you free and will empower your to grow and develop into something much greater. Liberty awaits those who are willing to stand up and own up to their actions. Unlock the producer inside of you.