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Examples of How A School Teacher Retired Wealthy

My parents understood that wealth accumulation isn’t so much a factor of how much money you make but how much money you save. Living “within” your means was thought to be extravagant and seeing how much money could be socked away was more of an inner competition than a simple goal.


On Fire At Work by Eric Chester

All leaders and managers need to read Eric Chester’s new book, “On Fire at Work” a great look at how to engage people to help them grow and flourish while bringing their best to work every day.


WooCommerce Plugin – Product Specific Thank You Page

This plugin for WordPress and extension for WooCommerce allows the admin to designate a custom thank you page. When a custom thank you page has been set for a product, upon checkout the customer will see the order completed page for only a few seconds and then will be forwarded to the designated page.

wikipedia for marketers

Becoming a Wikipedia Editor and Contributor

Anyone can contribute to the content on Wikipedia. Marketers have a particular interest in the site since a relevant backlink to one’s site from Wikipedia can be very valuable. Naturally then it would make sense for any web marketer to become familiar with Wikipedia and where possible try to leverage it (within the Wikipdia guidelines) more »