Everyone is a Publisher – 3 Tips to Stand Out

Are you A publisherToday everyone is a publisher. Years ago before the internet, blogging, and social media there were a elite and select few people who were writers. With the massive increase in people publishing content to the world there is ever increasing competition for people's limited and greatly broken attention.

To stand out among the clutter one has to produce content that is FAR more valuable to one's audience than everyone else. That could be entertaining, educational, informative, or whatever your audience craves.

It's time to ask yourself how you are going to break through the clutter? Let me make these 3 suggestions.

First, voice. When you write you have to be willing to become vulnerable to your audience. This means opening up so as to be honest, transparent, and human. Let readers feel like they are getting to know you as a friend.

Second, utility. All your content must be useful. Determine what your audience really needs and do your party to provide it.

Third, timely. Consider current topics in the media and politics around which to teach your message. If you can find examples around which the majority of people can relate or observe your message then the content will naturally become more viral and effective.

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