Top Ten Most Influential Retailers According to Klout

Klout recently published a list of the top 10 most influential retailers this holiday season. Consider that in order to be influential these retailers must engage customers in conversation. I imagine that this is a significant customer service channel for most of these businesses but its also a revenue generator. They ask customers what is left on their Christmas gift list and offer coupon codes and specials.

Top Ten Retailers:

  1. Klout score of 82
  2. Victoria's Secret: Klout score of 75
  3. jcpenney: Klout score of 75
  4. Sports Authority: Klout score of 74
  5. Walgreens: Klout score of 73
  6. HSN: Klout score of 72
  7. ThinkGeek: Klout score of 72
  8. BestBuy: Klout score of 72
  9. Target: Klout score of 72
  10. Macys: Klout score of 71


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