Focus on You! Human Life Value

In order to be effective in marketing you must form relationships with others in which you create value for others. Before you can effectively create value for others you must first become more than you are today. This applies in both online and offline marketing. People are drawn to people who exemplify the traits that they themselves want to learn.

Think of it in terms of asset management. You are your greatest asset. In the insurance industry they use the term Human Life Value. When I use this term I am not trying to calculate the total value of what you would be worth to insure. I am talking about what you are worth to yourself and to those around you. You can begin to calculate your own human life value the same way you would your financial portfolio. You too have income, expenses, assets, and liabilities that increase and decrease your human life value.

The income in your human life value portfolio is the ongoing education and knowledge that you subject yourself to in order to grow. The expenses tend to cancel out all of the ongoing income. Your expenses include all of your non-productive habits. These include sleeping in, bad eating habits, health risks, lack of study, and ignorance. Expenses are inevitable and so don’t be consumed by what they may do to you. Its true that you want to minimize your expenses as much as possible, but much more important is out-weighing them with much greater income.

You also have assets and liabilities. Your assets & your liabilities are the people you know and the relationships you have with them. A great mentor once told me: “People are assets and things are not.” As you develop positive relationships with people you build assets. When you have dishonest or negative relationships with people they weigh on you as our heaviest liabilities.

How is your human life value adding up? Remember that you must become more if you are to succeed. This can only be done in a sincere, genuine, time taking process. There is no quick trick and that is why success never happens over night. This simply because it takes time for you to have personal growth.

Jacob S. Paulsen

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