Five More Ways To Get Me To Stop Following You On Twitter

Me being very annoyed at people on Twitter

Me being very annoyed at people on Twitter

I follow a lot of people on Twitter. Currently over 4000… this number fluctuates between 2 and 6 thousand depending on the season. I enjoy checking the news feed and retweeting and favoriting the best stuff. I don't have any bandwidth for junk. Several years ago I originally published an article called “10 Ways to Guarantee I Stop Following You On Twitter” and today I want to add to that list with 5 more things I find annoying enough to warrant the “Unfollow.”

  1. Nothing but quotes and retweets. I like a good quote and who doesn't like some RT lovein but the people I follow have to provide original content and ideas as well.
  2. Promoting Real Estate: Real estate agents, insurance agents, and other direct marketing folk have a tough job in social promotion. If you feel so inclined as to tell me about your latest listings, products, etc I will probably hit the big red “Unfollow.” It just doesn't create any value for me in the moment.
  3. Twitter as an alternative publishing platform. If you think Twitter isn't good enough to warrant your time to publish to it directly than we can't be virtual friends. This is evident by the fact that all your tweets have fb…. and instagram hyperlinks that show you only publish on Facebook and Instagram and have those networks setup to push to your Twitter account. I love Facebook and Instagram too but if that is where you are all the time I don't see any value in following you on Twitter.
  4. Unresponsive. I hate it when I call someone out (individual or brand) and they don't respond. For a brand its shameful. For an individual it means you don't invest into the platform and so I'm not going to invest into you where you aren't proactive.
  5. Hashtag Vomiting. Yeah… we're all over it. Keep it to a max of 3… if you put in 5 hashtags we are finished.

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