Top Ten Twitter Tricks: How I Got 12,000 Followers

Currently my Twitter account has 11,909 and its growing everyday. You will also notice that I have only had to follow 5,700ish people in return. I got to this point by utilizing automated Twitter software to grow the list and other tools to engage them. Today I want to share my top 10 Twitter tricks and the tools I’ve used to manage them. I use the word “tricks” not because my intent is to deceive any of my social following. Mostly it made for really good alliteration

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TweetAdder: Automating Your Twitter Account On Steroids

I have now been using TweetAdder for about a year. Before TweetAdder I used a handful of other “Auto-Pilot” Twitter programs that left me unsatisfied. Right now my AndroidSocialMedia twitter account has almost 12,000 followers and I’m adding them faster than I can follow them back. Most of this is do to utilizing the best auto-follow software available. When I am looking for Twitter software I am looking for a program that will do the following:

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10 Ways to Guarantee I Stop Following You On Twitter

If I am currently following you on Twitter and you are looking for a way to get me to stop here are some suggestions:

1. Send me a DM (Direct Message) inviting me to join your ninja dojo or mafia family. This is so annoying and unprofessional that it will always cause me to unfollow you and then delete the DM.
2. Have a Twitter profile picture of a man or women with little to no clothing on. I assume people who feel the need to have mostly naked women on their profile are either promoting a business or product that is pornographic in nature or t…

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