12 Authors to Guide You Through 12 Books in 2012

Its the time of year when I start thinking about my goals for the upcoming year. In 2011 I set a goal to read 50 new books and I'm on track to hit my goal. I've learned that this goal has caused me to rush through books and get much less from the content than I otherwise would. In looking forward into 2012 I wanted to set a goal to get much more value from far fewer books.

As it will be the year 2012 and there are 12 months in the year it seemed fitting to me to reach exactly 12 books, one each month. As I spent the last two weeks contemplating how I would get absolute maximum value from 12 books, two things occured to me. First that my best strategy would be to start/join a book group that would all read the same books together. This allows for great discussion and insight which increases growth dramatically. The second thing that occured to me is that the best leader of such a book group would be the authors of each of the books we read.

In order to convince significant authors to take the time (without any compensation) to guide a month long discussion about their book I realized that we would need a significant enough group of people in the book club so as to offer the author high exposure and potential for book sells. Thus the goal was refined to find 12,000 other people to read 12 books with me, being lead by the author of each of the 12 books.

I spent last week talking to key friends of mine who I know share my passion for reading business and personal development books. They helped me refine the plans and strategies and they helped me make the first contact with some great authors who have awesome books that we would like to read.

So far we have two great authors committed, including Bruce H Jackson the author of “Finding Your Flow;” and Erik Qualman the author of “Socialnomics” who is realeasing a new book next month.

If you want to change your life in 2012 you need to get involved. If you don't want to pass on the amazing opportunity to be lead in 12 book discussions by the authors themselves you need to get involved. Visit www.12booksin2012.com and sign up now. Spread the word. Remember that the level of value that each of us will recieve as part of the book group will depend both on the total amount of discussion and the leadership and genius of each author. In other words, SPREAD THE WORD! Utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your email and more to tell everyone you know about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

If you have direct contact with or access to authors whom you feel would have a lot to offer to our group please don't hesitate to contact me!

Jacob S Paulsen
book group led by authors

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