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Goals are a big part of any business. Over time we have been taught a lot about setting effective goals including the power of written goals. What a lot of people don’t understand is the importance of an action plan. Without a step by step plan to reach your goal you have nothing more than a wish.

plan-of-actionAction Plans generally have 3 parts. Each action plan should reflect your goals, the steps you must take to accomplish them, and what will be required of other third parties to make it happen. Third parties may include a business partner, your spouse, or even your creator. In your MLM business this most often includes your upline leadership or company executives.

Your action plan should be written down and signed by all the parties involved. Display it in a place where you will see it regularily and if possible a location where you are in a position to take the most action such as your desk or office.

I have built a simple MLM action plan that you can download here.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  1. David Feinstein on November 6, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    As always Jacob, you come up with some outstanding information and articles that are empowering and informative and educational!
    Nicely done my friend….good article and it can definitely make a difference in someone’s business…but the bottom line is ALWAYS, in addition to the PLAN OF ACTION/ACTION PLAN…one needs to TAKE ACTION. Without the person taking action all that exists is nothing more than a DREAM…and truly, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE…but it requires some DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT and ACTION!

    So to all those reading this…get up, start creating your ACTION PLAN…and IMMEDIATELY (not 4 days later) start to TAKE ACTION. Your plan is ONLY as good as the ACTIVITY that goes into it…

    It’s more than just a piece of paper with a “PLAN”…it is your ROADMAP…
    Now jump into your PLAN and ENGAGE TODAY!

    Thanks Jacob!

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