Video Marketing: SEO and Content Syndication

By Jacob Paulsen | October 7, 2010

As part of any online campaign you should be considering how to utilize video marekting as part of your strategy. Video Marketing syndication is getting a lot of buzz and attention right now because of 2 simple reasons. Firstly Video Marketing is a free HUGE back linking system that doesn’t cost anything. Everytime you publish a video to all…

10 More Useful WordPress Plugins

By Jacob Paulsen | August 2, 2010

A quick list of 10 effective and well tested WordPress Plugins. Social & Viral sharing options, Video Player, Core menu control, twitter automation plugin, Mobile Friendly Sites, Polling, Shopping cart & e-commerce, & Ad rotation control

Facebook & Twitter for Local Businesses

By Jacob Paulsen | July 1, 2010

One of the most common things I’ve heard from local advertisers when discussing internet marketing and SEO is, “How am I supposed to use Facebook & Twitter for my business?” Local businesses know very little about internet marketing on average. They generally know that they need a good website and that they are supposed to have a Facebook page and Twitter. In a society where 4 of the top 10 most popular sites online are social networking sites, local advertisers are being bombarded with pressure from all directions to participate in the buzz. The problem is that nobody is offering very much advice on HOW to use these social sites to bring in the business.

Networking Revolution:: Stop Chasing the Chasers

By Jacob Paulsen | November 23, 2009

The automatic assumption is that people building a network marketing business should seek out people on Facebook and Twitter who are talking about, or already participating in Network Marketing. This is usually done by searching for keywords such as MLM, home based business, opportunity, etc. THIS IS A POOR STRATEGY!

Internet Marketing Methods Are Only Good For As Long As They Are…

By Jacob Paulsen | November 19, 2009

This approach was effective because it was the last thing that any customer actually expected too come from my mouth. Now as my experience in Internet Marketing is evolving I am starting to recognize the dying techniques that people are using. Don't get me wrong, there are techniques in use right now that are still bringing in new people but they are dying out. Its time for the online sales process to evolve and I am looking for

Filtering Through Facebook:: Social Media Video Tutorial

By Jacob Paulsen | November 11, 2009

If you are anything like most of those users you might spend a good number of those 19 average minutes looking through the vampire quizzes, virtual zoos, and other complete nonsense that you don't care about. You might also get sick of all the emails you receive every time you get poked or somebody you don't know comments on your friend's status that you “liked.”

This tutorial video will show you how to navigate Facebook, filtering out the junk you don't care…

Social Bookmarking Syndication:: Onlywire

By Jacob Paulsen | October 28, 2009

Don't you grow tired of the time you spend trying to syndicate a good blog post or article? You could spend 15 minutes submitting a link to Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. For some time I have been looking for a service that would allow me to submit a link to all of these Social Bookmarking sites at once. Imagine the time that you would save. FINALLY we have a Social Bookmarking syndicator. has come along just to end my nightmares! OnlyWire offers both

How Business Growth Works – The Plateau Principle

By Jacob Paulsen | October 22, 2009

Sometimes the most frustrating thing for an entrepreneur can be stagnant results over a period of hard and consistent work. That is why its important for all people to understand the Plateau Principle and how it works in every aspect of your life. The principle put simple is, “All growth happens in

Finding a Niche:: Internet Marketing

By Jacob Paulsen | September 30, 2009

As you begin your work in internet marketing you will start hearing the word “niche” a lot. A niche is a specific topic or area of discussion which tends to be unique and of interest to your market. Finding a good niche in our current condition is very difficult. There are far too many people…

PixelPipe:: Video Turorial – Internet Marketing & Media Syndication

By Jacob Paulsen | September 28, 2009

As you involve yourself in Social Media Networking you will quickly understand the importance of syndicating video, pictures, audio, links, etc. By getting media out there it becomes viral and increases your overall online presence. Nobody want the burden of having to upload the same picture or video 10 times in order to get it…

10 Ways to Guarantee I Stop Following You On Twitter

By Jacob Paulsen | September 24, 2009

If I am currently following you on Twitter and you are looking for a way to get me to stop here are some suggestions:

1. Send me a DM (Direct Message) inviting me to join your ninja dojo or mafia family. This is so annoying and unprofessional that it will always cause me to unfollow you and then delete the DM.
2. Have a Twitter profile picture of a man or women with little to no clothing on. I assume people who feel the need to have mostly naked women on their profile are either promoting a business or product that is pornographic in nature or t…