Implement Call Tracking to Monitor Your ROI and Operation

You may or may not already be familiar with Call Tracking technology. The general idea is that you pay a company to provide you with a unique phone number (local or toll free) that you place on advertising or printed collateral such as business cards. Incoming phone calls are forwarded to your office phone or other phone of choice. The service provider gives you access to reporting.

The Applications for Call Tracking

Generally Call Tracking tools are used to measure a return on investment from a specific advertising source or medium. In addition Call Tracking can help you monitor the effectiveness of your business; or at least that part of your business that receives phone calls.

Various Common Call Tracking Features

Features to look for when shopping providers:

  • How long of a history do they keep of your call logs?
  • Do they reference the caller's name (where available) in addition to the origination number?
  • Do they provide integration with Google Analytics and / or Google Adwords? If so can you track actual keywords?
  • Do they allow whisper messages? This is a short audio message that the receiver hears before the call is connected. It tell you where the call is coming from before you are connected with the caller.
  • Call ID Options. Can you select if you want the tracking number or origination phone number to display on your caller id? This can be helpful to help you know which calls are coming from where before you even pick it up.
  • Do they report new callers vs returning callers?
  • Do they provide individual call details such as call duration?
  • Do they provide phone support?
  • Can you select from local numbers or toll free numbers? Extra costs?
  • Can you setup multiple user accounts to allow employees and business partners to login and access some or all of your reporting?
  • Can you get email notifications?
  • Is the data truly Real-Time?
  • Do they provide Call Recording?

Call Tracking Pricing Models

Beware of various methods by which these providers charge your account. Costs can be tied to:

  • How many minutes are used.
    • Are minutes under a certain duration not counted?
    • Do repeat calls count?
  • Toll Free numbers vs Local Numbers
  • The total number of tracking numbers you need
  • Call Recording often has an associated unique cost.

Suggested Call Tracking Provider

callrailAfter doing my research I have decided to work with CallRail. CallRail seemed to have the best pricing that included all the features I wanted. For only $30 per month you can get up to 10 unique tracking numbers and use up to 500 minutes. The other thing I like about CallRail is their free trial. You can get a free trial WITHOUT giving them your credit card and within about 2-3 minutes you will have your account up and running. If you like it just get your billing info plugged in before the trial runs out. The reporting has been flawless and the recording has been a huge asset to my business.

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