Personal Buy-In:: Why Seminars are Better than Books


Deepak Chopra Salt Lake City 2009

This year I haven’t had the opportunity to attend as many events or seminars that I would like but I have heard from Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Connie Podesta, and Ed Viesturs.

I used to think that these expensive seminars and events were a waste of money. Why not just buy the book and listen to it in the car or during my workout? Well, last week while hearing from Connie Podesta I finally understood the difference.

I think it starts with credibility. When you see someone face to face your body, mind, and soul are able to feel that person. You create a relationship of trust between the two of you even if you are only one person in a crowd of 5000. This relationship or buy-in as I call it changes things.

It changes the way you listen for a start. Without any distractions you are able to tune in directly. Because you begin to trust them you internalize the information without hesitation. It will also change the way you read their material later when you are not at the event. Because you have formed that pact of trust you will read more intently and be more likely to learn.

Ed Viesturs at AgelWorld 09 Convention

Ed Viesturs at AgelWorld '09 Convention

There is also the simple and obvious fact that you are able to absorb much more information when you are able to use all your senses within seminars. You have heard that different people learn differently. Such as visually, by listening, reading, and by writing. At the event you can use them all if you take some notes.

There is also a social affirmation at events where you are able to retain more information and believe more in what you hear because you have friends and collegues around you.

Looking back now into the last 5 years of my life I now understand why I have enjoyed some authors more than others. It is the ones whom I have seen in person and without realizing it I have taken more from their material. I have purchased books that I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered with.

Don’t be afraid of the events and seminars. They won’t all be amazing but more often than not you will form that relationship of trust that will benefit you for the rest of your life as you recall the information and read the books!

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