Personal Buy-In:: Why Seminars are Better than Books

I used to think that these expensive seminars and events were a waste of money. Why not just buy the book and listen to it in the car or during my workout? Well, last week while hearing from Connie Podesta I finally understood the difference. When you see someone face to face your body, mind, and soul are able to feel that person. You create a relationship of trust between the two of you even if you are only one person in a crowd of 5000. This relationship or buy-in as I call it changes things…

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Anthony Robbins & Deepak Chopra in Person…

The first weekend of June I had a unique opportunity to do some executive protection work (bodyguard) for some well known people visiting Salt Lake City for a convention. Many of you may not know that while I’m an internet marketer and a network marketer, by trade I’m a security professional.

While I of course don’t mean to promote Zrii in this post I do want to share some insights that I learned from these great speakers and people both on stage and backstage.

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