How Business Growth Works – The Plateau Principle

Sometimes the most frustrating thing for an entrepreneur can be stagnant results over a period of hard and consistent work. That is why its important for all people to understand the Plateau Principle and how it works in every aspect of your life.

The principle put simple is, “All growth happens in sudden increases followed by periods of flat and maintained results.” This is true in your spiritual, intelectual, financial, emotional, and interpersonal lives. For whatever reason the world sees fit you also experience grown in sudden explosions that come after a period of hard and consistent growth which until that moment had only yeilded flat results.

business growth plateau

If you can learn to accept this principle as a reality then you can learn from it and act in accordance. First, understand that growth will only come if you are consistent in doing what is necessary to achieve it, and only after a period of time with seemingly flat results. Second understand that the greatest moments in your life will be short moments of explosive growth. Learn to recognize these moments and take full advantage of them. Record them, declare them, share them with others, and do everything possible to get maximum growth from these moments.

Warning:: Understanding this principle will mean you have the disciple to work hard and patiently wait the explosive moments. What you need to fear is potential recession. If you are always consistent in your effort you will never have negative growth but if you slip in your daily disciplines you are bound to lose momentum and fall. This is your worst enemy.

Jacob S Paulsen

Action:: If you are frustrated in your relationships with loved ones, your spiritual progression, your business, or any other aspect of your life consider where you are in the Plateau curve. Frustration usually comes after a long period of flat results and sadly if you lose focus or stop the daily activities you will fall backwards in the very moment before your next growth curve is set to take place!

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