GOMO: A New Mobile Initiative From Google

Google has launched www.howtogomo.com to help users understand the key components in launching a mobile website. There are a lot of helpful resources you can read to help you understand why and how you can go mobile. My favorite feature is the mobile simulator. Unless you develop smartphone apps, most of us have never had access to a system that allows us to see what any given website looks like on a smartphone. Because this is a Google website, you will see how your site appears on Android but generally speaking you can assume that the site would load in the same format etc on iPhones and other smartphones.

When I first visited the site I was in Firefox (not generally my browser of choice) and none of the links were working for me. I switched to Chrome and the site took off! I went right to the “Test Your Site” link or “GoMoMeter” as it is being called. I input my site jacobspaulsen.com and waited while it generated a demo image of how my site appears. After answering a few questions about the site it gave me a score and some interesting data about loading speed.

mobile tester

I downloaded the full report and it had some advice on how to design a mobile site. Very little of the information seemed to be specific to my site but the content was good just the same.

HowToGoMo.com also features a directory of industry reputable mobile designers to help companies and individuals build and design a high quality mobile site. For agencies there is some good information about how you can direct your clients.

This is a strong step for Google to emphasize the importance of the upcoming mobile changes we are going to see in the next several years. M-Commerce is the future and small businesses everyone need to get on the bandwagon!

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