Content Strategy Magic Question

Writing Blog ContentI call it the magic question because it puts everything else into perspective. When I talk to advertisers and business owners who are trying to build an online audience around their brand, product, or events the conversation almost always come back to content. Content is at the core of the three Cs of internet marketing and without it no amount of great paid ads, SEO, or awesome products has any legs.

The magic question is:

What content could we create on a regular basis that would be valuable to our target market that they may not find anywhere else that is relevant in part to our main product or service expertise?

Answer that question and start creating. If you are a plumber you need to stop sharing coupons and customer testimonials on Facebook. Your blog needs to stop talking about you and your service and start providing valuable content for your target consumers. So, the plumber may consider having a blog that is all about owning your own home with a focus on home maintenance.

What Does This Mean for Branding?

It means you need to build your content around a brand that talks to the valuable content you create. So, instead of just calling your blog, “our blog,” you might call it the “Cleveland OH Home Maintenance Blog.” Instead of calling your Facebook Page “Joe's Plumbing” you should call it “Cleveland OH Home Maintenance.” The same is true of your Twitter and YouTube. When I tell clients this they also push back concerned that taking their business name out of the brand will lessen the effectiveness. This isn't the case. Use the description, the cover art and the background (Facebook/Twitter) to tell the audience that the Facebook/Twitter page is powered by your brand.

The Truth That You Have To Accept

Its hard to hear but the truth is that people don't care about your company or brand. A very few select number of your clients or customers are going to care enough about you to follow or like you on social media. First you must brand yourself as a source of content your target consumer finds valuable. Then show them that you care by providing that quality content.

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