Top Ten Rituals of Every Successful Person I Know

successfulI couldn’t tell you if the following rituals lead people to be successful or if successful people tend to develop these rituals. Either way, I think adapting these rituals into your own lifestyle will only push you forward and make you stronger and better prepared to reach your own goals.

Top Ten Rituals of the Very Successful

  1. Early to Rise. Some people (including myself) claim to just not be morning people but I see this as a habit of almost every successful person I know. There is just something to be said about getting up early that perhaps makes it easier to build in some of the other rituals I’m about to mention.
  2. Exercise. Successful people tend to understand that their most valuable asset is their own body. They keep it in the best shape possible so as to allow themselves to be effective in every other aspect in life.
  3. Lifelong Student. Successful people may or may not be college graduates but they are all students. Every successful person I know has a system of learning. Some read or listen to books, others attend educational events and seminars.
  4. Regular Planning. Not every successful person I know is organized but they all have a systematic and regular approach to planning. They understand that without a plan they can’t really achieve anything. Successful people make planning a regular practice.
  5. Goal Setting. This couldn’t be any more obvious. Becoming successful requires setting goals and achieving them. These people set goals all of the time and they revise their goals as often as is appropriate.
  6. Record Keeping. Successful people know that only those things that are measured can be improved. These people make a habit out of writing things down and keeping records. They have journals, photo albums, and files/piles of information. It may not always be the most organized method but they keep records of almost everything.
  7. Works in strengths and works on weaknesses. The most successful people I know have discovered their greatest strengths and put them to work in a rewarding environment. That isn’t to say they don’t try to improve their weaknesses, but their greatest focus is on playing to their strengths.
  8. Integrity. Lets face it. Long term success can only come to those that are fully honest with themselves and everyone around them. Successful people don’t compromise their character for any short term reward.
  9. Lives in abundance. The most successful people believe that there is enough pie for everyone. They want others to succeed and are always looking for ways to give back and support others.
  10. Networkers. Successful people are often as successful as they are because they have build such strong and trusting relationships with such a large group of other people. Not to suggest that its about who they know, but more so about who they are and how their character has led to a high quantity and quality of relationships.

What other habits or rituals have you noticed among successful people?


  1. Brenna Gee on February 21, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Successful people also allow themselves to make mistakes. They see it as part of the process and forge on.

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