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On average I read 2 books a year. That isn't an enormous amount but it certainly does keep me growing. In 2011 I had my best book year ever with 51 total books read.

You can read about some of my other tricks to reading more books (and remembering what you read) here, but the most common conversation I have with people who want to grow more and do it by reading is about Audible.

There was a time in my life in which I would visit the library or book store and come home with a large number of audiobooks on CD. I would listen to them in the car and when legally able, import them into my computer to be able to listen to them on a mobile device. Thinking about that old process with the hindsight of modern technology is just outright crazy.

Today ALL successful people I know that read books use Audible. Audible was acquired by in 2008 and it makes it easy to browse the largest online selection of audiobooks and quickly download and start listening to them within minutes.

Some of the things I love most about Audible are:

  • Audible provides applications for your phone and computer making it easy to listen to books anywhere you are.
  • Audible allows you to control playback speed making it easy to listen to books in 1/2 the time it normally would.
  • Audible's audiobook library is the most complete in the world. They even have a large selection of audiobooks that are not available for sale ANYWHERE else.
  • Audible allows customers to buy individual titles on demand or to purchase memberships that come with monthly credits to download any books.
  • Audible's desktop software allows you to download books and burn them to audio CDs to play in your car if you choose (though despite thinking I would do this often I haven't done it in years)
  • Audible allows you to easily share or gift an audiobook to a friend or colleague.

Audible will give anyone a free 30 day trial that includes a free book (that you don't ever have to return). Check it out today.

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