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Harry Potter on Personal Development:: Relationships Are Your Greatest Asset

Of all the things I have learned from the Harry Potter saga, this is the most powerful to me. If you were to ask yourself what was Harry Potter’s greatest strength or asset; what would you say? I would say, “his friends.”

The strength of any person can be measured by those who are loyal to him. This was well illustrated by both Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore, who had such a large number of loyal followers, we cannot begin to list all of them. I hesitate to use the word followers, lest each of us think we need to gain followers (not referring to twitter friends). What I really mean by followers, is people who would readily come to your aid; people who would willing sacrifice their own needs or possessions to grant yours. In effect, people who love you.

harrypotterWe see this pattern over and over as Harry’s friends including Ron, Hermoine, Neville, Luna, & Ginny willingly put their own needs behind them in an effort to help and assist Harry. This was because of both their love for Harry and for their love of Harry’s cause.

Adults were equally drawn in to him. Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Hagrid, the Weasleys, and countless others were willing to sacrifice their own lives for him and several did.

Creatures including Dobby, Creature, Buckbeak, and Hedwig were eager to defend him and his interests.

The greatest assets anyone can have in their lives are the relationships they build. If you are a religious person, you understand further that your greatest asset is your greatest relationship; the one with your divine creator.

Cherish the people around you. Give them a reason to believe in you by believing in them. Relationships go both ways. The people who have the greatest influence and power, are those who have learned to love and cherish the greatest number of people.

Jacob S Paulsen

Harry Potter Personal Development:: Compassion and Kindness

For the first time I’m writing about what we can learn from Harry’s mistakes and not his example. Please understand that I think the Harry Potter character is human and of course is bound to make mistakes if the novel is to be good.

harry potterHarry Potter complains about his aunt and uncle and their lame Christmas gifts each year but did he ever send them anything? Harry hates Malfoy and for good reason but does he ever do anything at all to even try to help or mend the relationship?

Harry Potter is young and perhaps we should only expect so much from him, but we can learn from this bad example. A little compassion and understanding can go a long way. When it all comes down to it I dare say that in the 7 books we read Harry never gives his family a reason to love him. Even when people treat us with complete disregard and contempt we must learn to take the higher road and show kindness and respect to everyone. The attitude that we learn to adopt in our lives always comes back to us even if it takes time.

Action steps: Think of the people with whom you have a rough relationship and sort out a way to mend it. Often times transparent communication is a good place to start.

Anthony Robbins & Deepak Chopra in Person…

Bill Farley ZriiThe first weekend of June I had a unique opportunity to do some executive protection work (bodyguard) for some well known people visiting Salt Lake City for a convention. Many of you may not know that while I’m an internet marketer and a network marketer, by trade I’m a security professional.

The company convention was that of a relatively new MLM named Zrii. The CEO and owner is Bill Farley, owner of the White Sox and he and his family’s safety were my primary concern throughout the three day convention but we also had a guest visit from both Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins for whom we were also responsible.

While I of course don’t mean to promote Zrii in this post I do want to share some insights that I learned from these great speakers and people both on stage and backstage.Deepak Chopra Zrii

Deepak Chopra. Deepak when you see this article in your google alerts email on your blackberry you will remember that I’m the guy that followed you around in Salt Lake that weekend. The content that Deepak delivered was great and I admit that even though its my job to not pay attention to him but instead the crowd, I struggled.

I think the general theme of his speech was understanding the “soul” of the man and how it is connected to the mind and body. Very intriguing and and I must say very original. There was no question to his credibility and while he wasn’t exactly full of energy I still felt like the audience was very connected and aware. It made me want to buy some of his books!

What was he like backstage? Deepak was very in the zone before he went on stage. He wasn’t annoying or stuck up but just focused. Despite him wanting to be truly alone he accepted every visitor who came back to make his acquaintance. That having been said he was generally quiet and reserved.

I think I would have seen a more lively side of him if he hadn’t had a cold. He wasn’t able to stay on site very long and on the way back t

o the hotel from the venue he spent most of the time reviewing his google alerts on his blackberry. When he finished he asked me about Salt Lake. He either was sincerely interested in Salt Lake, felt awkward in the silence, or just wanted to chat with me a little. Either way we had a nice little chat on the way back to the hotel and I felt his transparency in his character. I liked him.

Tony Robbins ZriiAnthony Robbins. Anthony Robbins does somehow seem to live a life of the constant passion for which he is so well know for on stage. He doesn’t travel alone and on this trip had his own stage assistant, sound manager, and “handler.” I also understand that he is rarely away from his wife but this was one of those rare occasions.

On stage he did a great job of delivering what I suspect he normally would consider his 3 day signature seminar in about 4 hours. Once again I wasn’t supposed to be paying close attention but a couple of the key things I will remember were his phrase, “motion creates emotion,” which effectively means that we can control how we feel by our own body posture and movement. He demonstrated this by inviting the entire crowd to do several 90 second role plays.

What was he like backstage? Best put, he was friendly. He just seemed to like people and everyone around felt that. He agreed without question to take a picture with me and the other security guys and that was super cool.

Thurl Bailey

In talking to a member of his staff I also learned that his travel schedule is extreme. He is constantly going from one place to another and due to his tendency to stay on stage until he feels he is done he is often cutting it really close to the wire. To be quite frank I don’t know how he keeps it up. It seems exhausting.

Oh and also just a quick note that I met Thurl Bailey at the convention and he is AWESOME!!!

Why I’m Winning and You Are Failing…

Do you have goals? Of course you have goals, and so do I. Despite how public you make them or how often you think about them we all have goals. What separates people is the question of achieving those goals. Right now I’m training towards running a 1/2 marathon on August 8th. This will be about 10 miles longer than any run I have run in at least 8 years and probably (though I can’t be sure) the longest run of my life. Lets outline some of the principles that play the BIG roles in your success or failure at acheiving your goals.

  1. Making it public: You will never achive anything great or big without becoming accountable to all those around you. Since my post on March 15 I have made it quite clear and public what I intended to do in running this 1/2 marathon. Not only do all of my blog readers and online friends know about it but I’ve already committed local friends and family to be present physically to chear me on.
  2. Recruit a support team. You can’t do it alone. My wonderful wife Ami is also running everyday even though she doesn’t intend to run the 1/2 marathon and I did convince my oldest brother to run the 1/2 with me. As silly as it sounds my dog is also now counting on me to get out and run every day to satisfy her need for exercise. I have a support team and to make it all the more strong I have recruited someone to join me in my goal.
  3. Keep track of your progress. Find a system to measure your progress. Some things can be done automatically and other goals will have to be measured manually. As for my running I use a GPS enabled Android (G1) phone with the buddyrunner app to keep track of my progress.
  4. Publish your progress. Nobody will be as passionate about your goal as you are but the more you talk about it and keep everyone informed the more accountable you will be and the more people that will flock to you. Every time I go for a run my phone automatically uploads my run to an online dashboard at http://www.buddyrunner.com/jacob where it can be viewed publicly. It also automatically updates my status on facebook, twitter, and freindfeed with my latest run stats and a link to my online dashboard. (Thank you to the buddy runner team for making my accountability so automatic.
  5. Plan on it being difficult and encountering barriers to your success. Anything worth acheiving won’t be easy to acheive. Something will get in the way. Plan on it and be ready when it comes. Recent injuries have threatened to slow my progress but with the help of my friend Erskien Lenier I have continued plowing through.
  6. Celebrate your success. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do (still have some time to plan) but on August 8th I’m going to have to have a party or something seriously AWESOME to celebrate.
  7. Set a new goal and follow the pattern again. Life is about extending yourself and becoming more. Don’t stop moving forward!

And to any other runners out there who might be local I encourage you to consider the Provo River 1/2 marathon as a noble goal. There is still plenty of time to get in shape!

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves a little. How often do we really stick out our own necks to perform? In an effort to both make the goal and publicly declare it I am writing this post. On August 8th, 2008 I will run a half marathon here in Provo, Utah. The Provo River Trail ½ Marathon is an annual event along the Provo River in the canyon. Even though I’ve always been a runner this will be by far the longest race I’ve ever run. Up until now my morning runs consisted of 2-4 mile jogs and my longest competitive race was a 5K.

I’m pumped. I’m not excited about running 13.1 miles but rather I’m excited about doing something audacious. I’m pumped about bending my own limits and pushing it past the comfort zone. What I’m wondering is what each of you are going to do to stretch yourselves this year? What are you willing to publically declare?

Here is a picture of a stretch of the trail where I will be running my 1/2 marathon!