July 4th Flag Raising Ceremony at the Paulsen Home

This morning we hosted about 50 people in our front yard at 10am for a flag raising ceremony. We installed our flag pole just a few weeks ago and have been waiting for this awesome holiday to raise our flag for the first time. We passed out invitations to 92 of our neighbors and invited many other local friends. Boy Scout troop 137 from our church came to perform the flag raising.

This was  a somber occasion as we all shared in giving honor to the greatest symbol of our country. My wonderful wife prepared muffins and other snacks for all those who came. We are very grateful to all those who took time out of their holiday to spend a little time with our family.

If you weren't able to attend in person then perhaps you can enjoy the occasion and honor the flag via the pictures? Ok, that might be pushing it but either way next time you are in the Denver area drive by and see our flag!

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