You Must Become More to Get More!

Ultimately you must become more if you want to earn more. In the insurance industry there is a term called “Human Life Value.” It seems almost wrong that anyone can assign an actual dollar value to our lives but this is necessary in when determining what kind of life insurance policies you can buy.

For purposes of this article when I refer to your “Human Life Value” I’m not talking about your insurance life value, but instead how much value you create for the world. As you work hard to become more, you in turn are able if you chose to contribute more to the world. As you actively create value for those around you, your true Human Life Value
increases. Your human life value is tied directly to your wealth. As your Human life value increases your wealth must also increase. Understand that the term wealth doesn’t always apply to money. Wealth can be a great number of things including strong & fulfilling relationships, inner peace & satisfaction, etc.

There are three distinct lessons we must take from this truth:

1. Our skills and knowledge alone do not create value for anyone. Only the application of skills and knowledge with correct direction can begin to create value for those around us. Therefore our Human Life Value only increases when we create value for others.

2. It is only in creating value for others that we can increase our own wealth. Since all our wealth is a direct reflection of what we receive from others and from society it is only in creating value for others that we can experience an increase.

3. Only through exchange can value be created. When you sell a good or service both parties become wealthier for having made the exchange even though the amount of goods or services exchanged remained the same. If you hug your 2 year old child both of you are wealthier for the exchange even though the hug was constant.

Understanding these principles, we can begin a discussion about how your Human Life Value affects you in Marketing. The first applied lesson to learn is that if you want to sell more goods or services you must become more. This is true both because your overall attractiveness affects your ability to sell and because your ability to create value in the life of your client is increased. Of course when speaking of attractiveness we aren’t referring to your physical attraction, but the
overall impression that you carry with you everywhere you go.

How do we become more? Allow us to separate your person into 4 common categories. Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual. To become more physically we must exercise and eat well. To become more mentally we must expose ourselves to new ideas and concepts. We must study and strive to learn more about more. To become more emotionally we must
interact with people. We must understand people. To become more spiritually we connect with an inner purpose and divine potential ever striving to follow our creator.

All four of these categories are inseparably connected. As you grow in one you must grow in the other. This isn’t to say that we are all balanced all the time but simply put they are connected and how you grow or don’t grow in one area will have an impact on the other four.

Becoming more is the end purpose of everything we do. As you increase your ability to serve your fellow man, or put differently create more value for society you in turn increase your own wealth. Ironically it is the only way to do so!

Jacob Paulsen

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