The Power of Snail Mail and Thank You Cards

In the last three weeks I've received three thank you cards. I think of this as a lost art. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I think its worth asking yourself, when was the last time you sent or received a thank you card? All of us want to feel special. Recently my sales team decided to craft physical letters to send in the mail to target prospects. Our culture has become so digital that hardly anyone bothers to put something in the mail anymore. The result was fantastic!

The first thank you card I received was from a mentor of mine. Receiving the card made me feel like he was appreciative of what I had done.

The second thank you card I received was from a CEO in New York whom I recently supported in his book launch. We have never met but he wanted to show his appreciation for my help.

The third thank you card I received from someone in Texas who was grateful for the work I do in leading my online business book group. I have also never met that person.

Stop and consider who are the people who have helped you recently. Perhaps someone who you know directly or someone you have never met. Who has recently supported you in a goal or project? Who has provided a product or service that you felt was extraordinary? Who recently recommended you or defended you to someone they know?

Go out and purchase a stock of thank you cards. Keep them handy and get them out often. You will bring big smiles to people's faces.

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