The “It’s Not About Me Moment”

I was on a hike with some friends recently. Adam, a friend started to tell me about a time many years ago when he attended a talk by Stephen R. Covey in which he spoke of the importance of focusing on others. My friend Adam told me that was the beginning for him. The beginning of a new paradigm of work, family, career, and so much more.

brainstorming-411589_1280I can relate. I had a similar moment in 2006 when I attended a retreat where a very smart man named Les spent a few hours explaining the difference between producers and consumers. That was the day when I understood that life is about creating value for others.

Every successful person has a moment like that. A moment when they realize life is about creating value for others. There are a lot of people in the camp of naysayers who think it's truly a load of crap. These are the people who think work is about making money and money is about being happy. They are of course wrong and their passion for cash will only get them so far.

What was the moment for you?

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