Recent Reads

Recent Reads

In the last month I have been able to read (actually listen) several new books that I have enjoyed. I wanted to take this post to talk a little about each of these recent reads.

“His Excelency George Washington” really blew me away. I always knew George Washington had to be a powerful and unique person but this really got me pumped. I learned a lot about this amazing man and it inspired me to memorize all the U.S. presidents and eventually I would like to read a biography about all the US presidents. George was a unique and powerful hero. He was the very first person to put his life on the line of American Independence and he knew it. His general lack of military experience and general failure in warfare during the war go to prove that his success was due to the principles he lived by and “providence itself.”
“The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me” had great, but unoriginal content. I was dissapointed in how obviously copy-cat the material is. I realize that there is only so much content to be taught in reference to wealth principles but Richard Paul Evans even goes so far to quote George Clason’s “Richest Man in Babylon” in almost every chapter it seems. I’m super glad I read it just the same because we all need on going reminders of what we need to be doing and how true wealth is
created. Richard Paul Evans is a great author and it show in this work. It was very easy to read and he is a great teacher.

I have always been a fan of Robert Allen as a person but his book Nothing Down turned me away a little because it was just hard for me to get through. I enjoy real estate but I’m not super passionate and toward the end I just wanted to be done. This book on the other hand really held my attention. Both Authors do a good job of teaching principles of business, investing, and wealth. They laid it out in two different formats which helps different types of people who learn
differently and that is something I really liked.

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