Nutty Putty Cyclers Cross Country Bike Trip for Charity

On November 25, 2009 John Jones went with family and friends to explore Nutty Putty Cave in Utah. John slipped and became trapped upside down in a tight crevice. Rescue teams tried all they could to rescue John, but after 28 hours, John passed away. He left behind his wife Emily of just 3 1/2 years; a 13 month old daughter; and an unborn son.

Emily’s brother, Dan Petersen, immediately worried about his sister and how he could help her. He organized the Nutty Putty Cycling Team, originally planning to raise money and support for his sister. Emily felt she’d been so blessed by family and friends, she asked the cyclers to raise money for those who are less fortunate. The trip quickly became a nationwide fundraiser for widows and widowers.

On October 4, 2010, the Nutty Putty Cyclers set forth on a charity bike trek, traveling from Virginia to California, to raise money for the Liz Logelin Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting widows and widowers across the US.

Dan Petersen of Salem, VA, Jonathan Miller of Crestwood, KY, Eric Maughan of Salem VA, and Oliver Thompson of Salem, VAplan to complete their journey December 10, 2010 in San Diego, CA. The four cyclists carry sleeping accommodations and food, but are extremely grateful to those who have offered them last minute room and board. “We’ve surprisingly needed very little because people are so nice and offer us a place to stay,” said Miller.

Donations can be made to the Liz Logelin Foundation or can be sent to P.O. Box 26366, St. Louis Park, MN 55426. Those who donate $75 or more will receive an official Nutty Putty Bike Trip t-shirt. The cyclers ask all those who are able, to contribute to this worthy cause.

To view the cyclists travel schedule, and learn more about the cause, visit If you or someone you know is able to contribute to the Liz Logelin Foundation, or provide support to the traveling cyclers, please do so. If you find this to be a worthy cause, please copy and past this post in your own personal blog. We can all do something to make a difference.

Thank you,

Jacob S Paulsen

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