A Man Without Hobbies?

I just searched online for a definition of “hobby.” It is:

An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Based on that definition I am not sure what hobbies, if any, I have.

I have activities I enjoy in which I have in the past engaged or in which I might on rare occasion engage. For example I love playing Paintball or at very least I used to love it and assume I still would enjoy playing. I haven't played in over a decade and sold my equipment over 6 years ago.

I enjoy, or again at very least used to enjoy, spelunking. I used to keep a spelunking bag of appropriate gear in the trunk of my car in case I got the itch to explore a new cave one day after work. It's been over 13 years since I was in a cave.

You might begin to feel pity for me. Poor Jacob is too busy to do his favorite things. You shouldn't. I don't ever experience any feelings of missing these activities. If I really missed them with any significant amount of emotion I would find a way to engage in them again… but I don't. I'm not lacking in the resources to do so. Of course i claim to be a busy person but what adult human doesn't claim to be busy and yet I observe that friends, family members, and other adults around me routinely justify allotting resources to a hobby. Humans do this because we feel passion for something and like to engage in that thing in order to feel happy or balanced.

So then I end with a few potential theories about myself.

Perhaps I enjoy my average day of none leisure activity (ie work and family time) sufficiently so to feel fulfilled, happy, and balanced.

Or perhaps I have a mental imbalance which affords me the ability to feel balanced despite a lack of variety or “fun” activity.

Or perhaps I'm just ultimately boring as a person. I would rather not inconvenience myself beyond any small measure in order to do something I profess to greatly enjoy.

The truth is probably some mixture of the three ideas but wherever the truth is what I do know is that I feel perfectly happy and balanced.

Now back to work…

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