Next Door Social Network Brings You Closer to Neighbors

Have you already downloaded and installed the Next Door app on your phone. Next Door is a social network that connects you with others in your neighborhood. When you open the app for the first time you need to input your address so it can identify the neighborhood to which you belong. When you “post” to Next Door you can choose if your post will be seen by your neighborhood only or by the 3-8 neighborhoods near you as well.

I've been on Next Door for about a year and so far here are some of the more common content trends:

  • Lost and Found pets
  • Announcements about garage sells or things wanted or for sale
  • Questions about houses that are for sell
  • Announcements about community forums and classes by the local fire department and police department
  • HOA activities (Easter Egg hunt, block parties, etc)
  • Comments and questions about police and fire activity
  • Requests for recommendations (Vet, Dentist, Plumber, Electrician, Fence Repair, Contractor, Roofer, Pediatricians, Landscaping, Daycare, Babysitters)
  • Alerts about shady salesman, potential thieves, and other suspicious people
  • Occasional advertisements for Mary Kay, Avon, and related home based vendors
  • Elementary school fundraisers, activities, and help wanted
  • Local meetups like book groups, cycling groups, mom groups, etc.
  • Complaints about litter, cars driving too fast, etc.

I certainly feel more connected to the people around me and it does heighten my awareness of the things going on in the neighborhood. I think this is a great way to make our neighborhoods stronger and closer and would encourage you to check it out! Here is an infographic Next Door has recently shared:

nextdoor app infographic

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