Hootsuite Removes Ping.fm Integration But Adds Many Others

When I logged into my Hootsuite dashboard this morning there was a warning about Hootsuite discontinuing Ping.fm support on June 8th. According to the Hootsuite website, while removing Ping.fm support, Hootsuite will be adding support for many other services.

If you aren't familiar with Hootsuite, you really need to check it out. Hootsuite is a social media client management software. It allows you to monitor, leverage, and publish to your various social media profiles. Over time Hootsuite and left most of its competitors in the dust as their product has become more polished and user friendly.

Since the beginning of Hootsuite they have supported Ping.fm. Ping.fm is what I would call a status update syndication service that allows users to publish an update to all the various social networks at once. I used to use the Ping.fm service a lot several years ago but as my focus has narrowed into just a few platforms, my need for Ping.fm has dwindled. I'm not particularily sad or effected by Hootsuite's decision to discontinue support, but I am VERY excited about what other services they may be adding to replace it.

According to the Hootsuite site, Tumblr, MailChimp, Get Satisfaction, YouTube, Flickr and Digg and among the new services that Hootsuite will be adding to the mix. This could make a huge impact on Hootsuite's growth and allow current customers to better manage their ever widening social media focus to other platforms.

More information on the Hootsuite site http://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21472723-hootsuite-discontinuing-ping-fm-integration

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