The Power of Blogging

For those of us who are interested in Internet Marketing there are few things as powerful as blogging. At first the word blog may make you think about stay at home mom’s posting pictures of their children to a webpage, but blogging is much more than that. Blogs have a special ability to be crawled by search engines and their content reaches a very large audience. Search engines work off of many things but one of them is keywords. Reaccuring keywords in a blog are likely to make it very visible. Search engines also like changing content. Because blogs have a tendancy to have new content added almost daily they are extra “crawled” by the search engines. Also because blogs strongly resemble forums because posts to a blog can be commented on by visitors to the blog this can also increase the tendancy to be found by search engines.

Also blogs can have a tremendous impact on the increased visibility of your other marketing sites because of the RSS technology. Let me give you an example. This very post that you are reading right now will automatically be inserted into over 40 different sites today when I hit the “Post” button. Blogs can be subscribed to via an RSS feed. This allows me to automatically embed new posts into whatever website I choose. This allows my marketing sites to also have a constant change of content every time I post a new blog entry even though the general content of the site never changes. It also feeds a constant new set of key words into my marketing sites also making them more search engine friendly. The obvious key word in this post is Blog and if it weren’t such a common key word it might get some of my pages listed in the top
20 results of some search engines.

What service should you use to Blog? If you are interested in a social climate where you can have your friends read and remark to your blog I would suggest google’s very own Blogspot.

BloggerLogoThey allow a lot of customization to your blog and because they are hosted by google they are crawled fairly regularily by the search engine. You can opt to have a non public blog if you choose.

BlogFather LogoIf you are interested in creating an ongoing stream of new RSS content for your marketing website(s) I would suggest a service called BlogFather.  Blog Father was created by the internet marketing company Veretekk and their system is optomized for both search engine customization as well as RSS feeding.

Both of these services are free of charge so go to it! Start blogging today!

Jacob Paulsen


  1. admin on August 5, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    UPDATE!!! Since I wrote this blog entry in May 2008 many things have changed in the world of Internet Marketing. Please discover and follow the tutorials on the Tutorials page above.

  2. lewis barton on October 18, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Good article. You really know your stuff.
    Thanks for helping me with my new website. I get compliments on it all the time.
    Good luck in Denver, we miss you and your family.

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