Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

leaders eat lastWell, I figured it would be near impossible to do better than his first book, “Start With Why” and this comes really close 🙂

I watched the introduction video of Simon's on YouTube and was really surprised when he talked about good leadership being a “literal” part of human survival. I didn't see how a leadership book was going to go there but it did.

The book sticks to science by discussing in part how our own physiology as humans plays a part of our own satisfaction in the work place. This breaks down the various chemicals in our body that are designed to help us survive but often reinforce a negative environment.

One of the key things I took from this is how leaders have to essentially care for the people in their ranks the same way a parent cares for their children. We would have a lot less turn over and decrease expenses if instead of dismissing people who don't meet expectations we instead think of how we can help them grow into who we need them to be.

I also love his premise that we all have the responsibility to be leaders by keeping the circle of safety strong. When we feel safe, able to be vulnerable, we are able to work at our very best.

These are just a few of the many strong insights and powerful ideas in this book. I would strongly recommend this for anyone who works with other people.

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