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How To Get a Large and Engaged Loyal Audience

  • How do I build my email list?
  • How do I get more podcast listeners?
  • How do I get more website traffic?
  • How do I rank higher on search engines?
  • How do I get more YouTube subscribers?

All these questions have the same answer, and in my experience, it isn't what you want to hear.

The real question at the root of all of these:

Question: How Do I Get A Large and Engaged Loyal Audience?

Best Answer: Build and sell a product that you can profitably advertise at scale.

You may not believe me but don't worry I'm prepared to back up my claim and provide a roadmap.

There are three ways to build a large and engaged audience.

While I do feel that selling a product at scale is the easiest way to build an audience I must admit that there are other options. I just feel it is the easiest of the three methods.

Option 1: Be among the first in your market/niche on that platform. In almost every industry, you can go on YouTube and find a dozen or so channels that are very large. Often you might watch their content and ask yourself WHY they are so popular. The answer is often; they were an early adopter.

Today the odds are very low of you starting a YouTube channel in your industry and just taking off because you think you are as good as or better than the other giants already on YouTube in your industry.

YouTube is cluttered. It's been done. The low hanging fruit is gone.

This attitude is the equivalent of thinking you can be bigger than McDonald's because you can make a better hamburger.

For Option 1 to work you either need to be among the first voices in a new market or conversation or you need to be among the early adopters on a new platform that doesn't have great market penetration yet. Good luck.

Option 2: Do something so different, wild, interesting, entertaining that despite being late to the game people notice and share.

Sound hard? It is. Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to break through the clutter and it rarely works.

Option 3: Sell a product.

A Product Offering Saves the Day

If you can predictably break even or be profitable selling a product online by running advertising for that product, then you can scale that to some degree and acquire customers.

Customers = Audience.

Resource: Machine Builders

And not just any audience… buyers. People who are willing to put in a credit card number to buy a product in your industry. There is no better audience than a group of past and current customers.

So, as a content creator who wants to build a large audience for whatever reason; consider that the answer to your problem might be building and selling a product at scale… even if you only break even.

But I Just Want to Be An Influencer I Don't Want to Sell Stuff

This is an understandable sentiment. Afterall, you want to grow your audience not go into business right?

You can always take a run at options 1 and 2 above but your odds of success are very low and I have to ask, what is the end goal of growing your audience anyway?

Isn't your intent to monetize that audience by getting sponsors or companies willing to give you product and money? So your end objective is to go into business anyway right?

Why not accelerate that by creating or finding a product you can sell online at SCALE. Something you can advertise and still break even or be profitable selling.


The Big 3. Social Media Marketing Holy Trio

The basic concept of social networking and online marketing is the same as traditional offline marketing. Meet people, build trust, and expose them to your product/opportunity. The reason the internet is getting so much attention is because of the ability to meet so many people at once. Building credibility is made a little more difficult but can be done over time.

While there are now thousands of different social networks popping up online there are 3 that have set themselves aside as the big dogs. The Holy Trinity of social media consists of Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Each is clearly different in it’s own right and can be used differently in your overall social media marketing plan. All three are about community building. When setting up your profiles on these three sites make sure you are consistent. Try to use the same username on all the sites and don’t forget that your username should be some kind of combination of your name or initials. Using the same profile pictures on all your social media sites also helps people identity and remember you.

Your approach should be the same with all three. Create a professional and personal profile, find a niche, and add targeted friends. Its not enough to connect with people in only one place. Make it your goal to connect with the same people in all 3 places.

Other potential big hitters…






Jacob S Paulsen


"Tell A Friend" loosing its touch…

I had a recent request on my tutorial video page to record a tutorial about using “Tell A Friend” forms to further syndicate web pages and blog posts.

Before you watch my video about how to utilize the Cforms plugin to create a “tell a friend” form I want to quickly review the true application and purpose.

In our modern marketing world the tell a friend tactic is growing less and less common. Social news and social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious are making it easier to share web pages, blogs, etc with your online network. You need only share a link on your Facebook profile and all of your friends are exposed to it instantly. If any of them comment on it then all of their friends also become exposed to it. This is what we refer to as “viral.” How much more powerful is that type of syndication than trying to manually enter your friends email address and name so they can get an email telling them about this page?

There are still some simple applications for the tell a friend forms but let me emphasize that you would be much better off to put a “Digg” button, or a share on Facebook/Twitter link at the end of your blog post than to request that your readers manually fill out a form with the names and email addresses of a few friends. WordPress offers several great plugins for offering simple syndication of your posts by your readers. My favorites include the “Social bookmarking” plugin and the “Digg Digg” plugin.

That all having been said here is the 10 minute or less tutorial video about utilizing the “Tell A Friend” form and the mentioned plugins.


How To Master Social Media Principles in Less than 2 Pages!

I get a lot of phone calls from online friends who need assistance in setting up their websites and their social media profiles to begin working in internet marketing and social networking. Every once in awhile I think to myself that I should write a 2 page guide to “Online Domination Setup” which I could just email to these people who call me.

Today is that day. If you already have a website with 1000 plus visitors per week and more than 3000 twitter followers I would suggest you stop reading now and seek higher level training. For those of you who are still beginners here is what you need to know in less than two pages. To prove it I have provided a downloadable PDF file at the end of this post.

Online Marketing Umbrella Concepts:

First, you basically separate all of your online work and websites into these 3 categories:

  1. Social Media – This is where you meet people and create relationships with them… NOTHING MORE.
  2. Personal Website – This is where people you meet who want to learn more about you will come to do so. Your personal site needs to be in the form of a blog and it needs to contain informational, inspirational, and entertaining content. If best find a specific niche where with you can help your readers. The “niche” of this website is “Becoming More, Inspiration & Resources for Entrepreneurs.”
  3. Sales Pages. This is where you will sell your products and opportunities to those who visited your personal site and wanted to know what you do for a living and to those who searched you out in search engines, etc.

Second, You will need to create a HUGE following in social media in order to really make a difference. This will require…

  1. Sincerity. You will have to really care about the people you meet and have their best interests at heart
  2. Marketing Ethics. Don’t SPAM people. (IE: marketing without permission or relationship)
  3. Time. This will not happen over night. Do a little everyday over a long period of time and results will come.

TO DOs of Getting Started…

  1. Get Your Own Website Started:
    1. Get a hosting account at either Godaddy or hostmonster. If you choose Godaddy get the deluxe hosting or higher. Buy the domain www.yourname.com as this will be the most important real estate you own in the virtual world. This one hosting account will allow you to host dozens of different websites down the road and it is necessary to get one eventually… why not now.
    2. Install WordPress onto the main directory of your website. This can be done painlessly with either Godaddy or Hostmonster. There are tons of tutorial videos on Youtube and I also have some on the “Tutorials” page of my site. Watch these same tutorials to help you set up your WordPress site with the best themes, plugins, etc.
    3. Decide what your online niche is going to be. Are you the Mountain Biking Kenyan who owns his own home business? Sorry, that’s already taken… :)
    4. Create content for your site and remember content should generally be either informative/educational, personal, or entertaining.
    5. Find a way to monetize your site by putting relevant ads onto your page from a affiliate group such as Linkshare or CommissionJunction If you already have your own products/opportunity to market put ads up for it or perhaps its own page.
  2. Create a strong presence in Social Media. Focus on YouTube.com, Facebook, and Twitter but also any other network that is specific to your own niche or market. Example: if you live in Brazil you are likely to also focus on Orkut.comwhich is the most popular Brazilian social media site. Here are some tips:
    1. Create profiles that are both personal and professional in nature. You don’t want people to think you are a robot, but you don’t want them to think you are an amateur either.
    2. Don’t go on an adding friend frenzy. Search out and connect with the type of people that share your interests or make up your target market
    3. Don’t spread yourself to thin. If you are going to have a presence then have a real active presence.
    4. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t ask anyone to spend time looking at or commenting on your content unless you are willing and actively doing the same for them.
    5. Search out the best tools that allow you to syndicate content and increase your followers without spending tons of money. In my experience the paid tools are barely any better than the free ones and usually come with a sales pitch of their own.
  3. Continue Your Education… by subscribing to blogs and sites to people who can help you grow. The easiest way to do this is by using an RSS reader like Google Reader. Go to http://reader.google.com and you will figure out without too much effort how to get started subscribing to other people’s sites. You will also find that most sites (like mine) have a subscribe option somewhere on the page. (top right). Your google reader will let you know every time someone who’s site you follow writes a new article/post and you will be able to keep up to date with the latest content without having to visit everyone’s site everyday.

Online Marketing Resources:

Online Marketing Explanations:

  • WordPress: WordPress is the BEST program to use to host your website, blog, or both. This is true for three basic reasons.
    • The way it interacts with the Search Engines is PERFECT!!!
    • The versatility of how it will perform or look is second to none
    • The ability for non geeky folk to be able to use it and not screw anything up is amazing
  • Youtube, Facebook, & Twitter are the most important simply because they are the most popular. I would encourage you to find other social networks specific to your hobbies, passions, and specific product/opportunity.
  • In setting up your sales pages as explained above you will use your same hosting account. Just buy a new domain, host it in a sub-directory (folder) and install WordPress.

Favorite WordPress Plugins: (See my tutorial videos on the “Tutorials” page for descriptions and instructions.

  • All In One SEO
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Cforms
  • Social Media Page

Download this Page in PDF Form.

WordPress Tutorial Videos – Best Plugins

I am continuing my series of tutorial videos with these two tutorials about WordPress plugins. The first video goes over three CRUCIAL plugins that all wordpress sites should be using and the second video covers the cforms plugin which I have found to be the best for creating forms on your site. After you watch these videos (or don’t) please fill out the form below to tell me what other types of tutorials you would like to see for wordpress or any other social media site, etc.

What else would you like to learn about internet marketing or social media? Tell me below:


The Next Big Wave in the Social Media Network

Of all the thousands of different social networking sites out there we can basically categorize them into several main categories such as Social News, Social Bookmarking, Picture sharing, Video sharing, Blogs, mini-blogs, Social Networks, etc.

So far history has shown that the three most effective sites where Social Media experts are spending most of their time are: Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube. Today it is my intention to show you what the next upcoming website is going to be! Here it is:


Goodreads is a book review social network. Much like Flixster for movies, goodreads allows people to network together as friends, in groups, etc. Today a good friend and partner Andrew James of andrewjamesinc.com came over to my office to interview me about Goodreads and why I’m predicting its future “fame and glory” among social media. Here is the interview:


Social Media Summed Up

Internet Marketing is changing. With the buzz right now about social media and how it is changing our focus I wanted to give all of my readers an umbrella concept that will hopefully clarify what all of this means and how each of us should be acting to take advantage of these changes.

PRINCIPLE 1: Marketing is and always has been a relationship business. You have been told before that buyers never purchase a product or service. They always purchase a salesman or sales promotion. The best sales-reps and the best marketers understand that relationships have to be formed before belief can be transferred.

PRINCIPLE 2: People will always be attracted to people who can create value for them. As one of my business partner’s Andrew James likes to say “As long as they feel that you need them more than they need you, they will never follow you.” Only by creating mass amounts of value for others will you be able attract others to you.

PRINCIPLE 3: There are three steps, or arenas in which we form relationships and then transfer belief (make sales).

  1. We meet new people.
  2. We identify common interests or ways in which we can create value for each other.
  3. We transfer belief.

Let us look at the way this happens both offline and online in today’s marketplace.

Offline. In offline business marketing we find every chance possible to meet new people and form new friendships. We go to social gatherings, talk to people on the airplane or bus-stop, and we become part of organizations, clubs, and groups where we can network with like-minded people. When we meet people that we like we meet with them on our own time. Perhaps you invite someone over to your home for dinner or to the golf course so you can get to know them better. In these face to face meetings you learn more about each other and what your likes/dislikes are. What each of you do for work and what your dreams and desires are. At this point you will begin to create value for each other according to your own abilities. If you have a product or service that is right for them it will be an easy sale. If you don’t, that’s ok because they will refer friends and family to you who might be better for your product or service.

Online: In online marketing it doesn’t work any different. You enter into social gatherings such as Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, etc. In these gatherings you search out and get to know new people. When you make a new friend they will inevitable want to have that one on one relationship. Instead of this happening on the golf course it will happen on your blog or website. On each other’s blogs/websites you learn more about each other. If either of you have value to create for the other in your product or service it will be a natural sale at this point.


  1. Spamming. Nobody likes the guy who comes to the party wearing a shirt that says “Ask me how to make 20K this month.” Don’t be that guy. Social Media websites are meant for social gathering. Keep it that way.
  2. Direct Selling. If you are asking people who just barely met you at the party (social website) to come to your office and check out your service/product you are making a mistake. There isn’t enough relationship there to sustain that kind of move. You need a blog or personal site people can visit to learn more about you and what you care about. What your dreams are and what your expertise is. It’s ok to have ads, links, etc from your blog to your office (product site) but the general content should be non-bias and personal in nature.
  3. One Sided Relationships. Don’t try to make in-sincere friendships online. People are not as stupid as you think and the few that are, aren’t worth selling to anyway. Don’t ask someone else to check out your site if you won’t check out theirs. Subscribe to and read content from the blogs of your favorite people. Maintain sincere and genuine relationships.

The Social Media Revolution

Social Media is changing the world. No longer do people turn to traditional forms of media such as tv, newspapers, radio, etc for their news & information. The internet has made the world transparent and social media networks such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc are changing the way people get their information.

Business owners and advertisers alike must take this into consideration. Without wasting huge amounts of time and without becoming spammers we must embrace this revolution. More to come on this topic but for now enjoy this short inspirational video about Social-Media.


Social Media & Personal Branding Tools

My purpose in Social Media is quite simple. To establish meaningful relationships, brand myself as a marketing professional, and to make a profit. My greatest fear in all of this is the general amount of time I can waste in all the social media networks. So, my purpose in this article is to share with you the best tools that I have found to accomplish these; my three goals without wasting time.

Ping.fm – Twitter has shown us the power of connecting with large groups of people and sending out consistent updates with meaningful information. Ping.fm is a tool that allows you to send out a “Tweet” from the Ping.fm website that will be automatically posted into your update on your twitter profile, your facebook status, your myspace, plaxo, blogger, linkedin, yahoo, plurk, and 30 other services that you can choose from. This is a sort of one stop status update shop. Send the message once and all of your contacts on all of your social networks will get the update.

TubeMogul – One of the Medias of Social Networking is Video. YouTube does get the most traffic of any video portal site but as long as you are going to put videos on YouTube why wouldn’t you submit them to other sites as well? TubeMogul is the one stop video upload stop. From here you can upload a video and have it submitted to youtube, dailymotion, yahoo, google video, myspace video, and many more. You can also track each video on each site to get feedback on their success.

Mobile Internet – What I mean by mobile internet is internet from your mobile phone. This will be money well spent on a decent phone as well as an internet/data plan for it. There are three reasons why having legitimate (meaning a real browser) internet on your cell phone will increase your social media productivity.

1 It’s the way of the future and it’s also the path to creating time freedom. It’s hard to enjoy life when you are tied to your computer desk. Mobile Internet means a level of freedom!

2 You will always have access to your networks. You can reply to people’s requests & messages faster, you can send out updates from anywhere. Most social network sites have nice mobile versions of their website that make it easy to stay up to speed. Thus you will increase the amount of value you can provide to your networks while optimizing your usage of the value they provide you.

3 You are much less likely to waste time in the social media sites when browsing from your cell phone. It is not nearly as fun to play Facebook’s MobWars on your cell phone and therefore you won’t do it.

Fring – Fring is one of several mobile IM applications that are available for Blackberry, WM, and iphone devices. Fring is my favorite thus far. (Should you not like it or prefer a different program I can also suggest Nimbuzz & Iskoot) If you have followed my advice above you will understand that I’m all about utilizing mobile devices. With that having been said I like to be available to my skype, google talk, msn, and other IM friends when they need me. So I take all of these messaging programs mobile on my cell. I can receive & send IM messages and receive call & make outgoing calls using my skype credit. All of this via the internet on my phone; not the cell minutes. This means that even when I travel internationally I can make calls from my cell anywhere I can get a wifi connection. That is cool!

TweetLater – If you have a large following on Twitter or if you plan on it I would advise getting a free account at Tweetlater.com Their service has several cool features. Here are some of them:

1 Set it up to automatically follow people who follow you. I hate Twitter Snobs (people who want to be followed but aren’t willing to follow) and this way you will be guaranteed not to be one.

2 Schedule Tweets. If you know you are going to be unavailable you can schedule tweets for a certain time of a certain day. This can also be useful to tweet about a specific event such as a webcast that you want people to know about.

3 Auto-Reply. If you have a lot of people following you each day you can set up the service to send people a custom thanks for following me message.

BudURL – If you like to provide value to people by sending them links to articles, services, and more than I suggest getting a free or paid account at budurl.com This service will shorten long urls (much like tinyurl.com) but it will also track the number and type of people that click on that url. Very Cool!

Google Alerts – Want to keep track of your personal brand? Want to know what people are saying about your business, website, or service? Go to google.com/alerts and put in any keyword that you want to follow. Google will email you a list of all the new content that has appeared online with that keyword in the time period you a lot. (I do mine daily).

Depending on what your purposes are in Social Media I would encourage you to take a look at the way you are utilizing these social networks and the way they are providing or consuming value in your life. Create a strategy to spend less time and be more effective in your Social Networking.

Jacob S. Paulsen