The Blog SEO & Syndication Formula

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This eBook is fresh off the shelf. Published in Dec 2010 Jacob reveals the secrets of blog syndication. “If you can create an automated process to both grow your social following, increase your rankings in search engines, and drive direct traffic; then you make make money blogging.” This eBook discussed the secrets that only the professional bloggers know.

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Topics include:

  • Growing your Twitter following on auto-pilot
  • Growing your Facebook following
  • Engaging your readers
  • Syndication tools to publish your content across the internet
  • Monetization methods and programs
  • Email Marketing: Why and How
  • Finding a niche
  • WordPress Installation Tutorial
  • Top WordPress plugins

After Jacob cracked the code with his successful blog he began to document the secrets to making money online and the eBook “The Blog SEO and Syndication Formula,” contains the formula (that’s why its in the name of the book).


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