What Would (Insert Your Name Here) Do

About 3 weeks ago I hit a wall in my marathon training. I was beating up my body trying to run greater distances each night and I didn’t seem to be able to push the 10 mile mark. I needed help. I thought to myself:

What would Donald Trump do? Hire the most elite nutrition and running coaches in the country.

What would Chuck Norris do? Run harder and faster until he started to bleed or pass out.

Neither of these sounded like me. I could also join a “team in training” program, search the internet for a training schedule, or call a coworker who had run a marathon a few years ago. Ultimately I thought to myself:

What would Jacob Paulsen do? Search on my phone for a running training app that will tell me how far to run each day leading up to the race.

That has worked out well for me.

We are each unique and while this is a trivial example we need to remember that doing what others would do isn’t always the best thing for us to do.

Jacob S Paulsen


  1. shannon on April 3, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    It’s a good thing you didn’t do what I would have done…which is hirer someone to chase me with a knife. It could have got you into trouble with the police…and your wife.

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