What Does Mother Nature Remind You Of?

Our home is situated in front of an open field. This open field does not open up to the wilderness. It, together with a small lake at one end, are surrounded by the homes of Denver suburbia on all sides. Within this wildlife safe haven we have seen a number of relatively “wild” animals which includes geese, muskrats, huge turtles & frogs, and all sorts of birds to include blue herons, ducks, etc. On a particularly lucky day we might also see a coyote or two. I love the coyotes. They have proven ski-dish as we have seen them chased by neighborhood dogs. The last year or so they have seemed more scare and less common to see.

On Sunday's I'm particularly likely to spend a few extra minutes staring into the field with hopeful eyes. When I see the wonders of mother nature I'm turned to think of our creator and the serenity and brilliance of all of the creatures on earth. Perhaps that is why on Sunday I get extra excited to view our dear coyotes.

Regardless of one's religious beliefs we all have a spiritual dimension of ourselves that we must grow and nurture. I have found that most people find that growth and serenity in mother nature.

coyotes in arvada

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