Tips For Creating a More Positive Experience When On The Road for Business

business travelI suspect that there isn't anything below that would be too ground breaking for anyone but if you travel you might find that some of the lessons I've learned can serve as reminders or tips for you too.

1. Eat light. I have found that I'm tempted to eat bad for me meals simply because I can or because the company may pay for it. This is not only good for my health in the long term but it also tends to cause for a bad nights sleep, habit breaking issues when I get home, and a nagging feeling that working out that night won't feel so good.

2. Work Out. At home its really easy to make excuses to not work out. On the road its a little more difficult. I don't have to put the children to bed or get them breakfast in the morning. I should replace that time on the road with going for a run or getting on a machine in the hotel fitness room.

3. Just leave that TV off. Honestly its a trap. If I turn it on it will consume me until very late hours of wastedness. I just get the work done on the computer that I so claim is engulfing me and if really tempted  then  may watch a single episode via Hulu or a movie on Netflix and then go to bed. I can do all this without turning on the TV.

4. Video call home. Technology is great and the family wants to hear from me just as much as I want to see them.

5. Find a travel hobby. I like geocaching. Everywhere in the world I can geocache and its always a great way to see a city and explore. I have friends who like to find certain types of restaurants, hang out in malls, or visit a book store. If the destination city has a sports team in town buy a ticket. Find a hobby that will help you explore the town somehow.

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